Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Americans are right to fear Muslim refugees

Remember Abu Ghraib?

Maybe this picture will help jog your memory.

Image result for abu ghraib

Maybe you're an Iraqi who was in this picture. Maybe your father or your son or your brother was in this picture, or in one of the many thousands of similar keepsakes that the men and women in American uniforms brought home from their glorious mission of bringing peace and democracy to the Muslim world.

Can you think of any reason why these men or their family members might want do do Americans harm?

One thing that's noticeably absent in today's histrionics about Trump's 90 day freeze on visitors from Muslim countries is any discussion about what's driving the so-called refugee crisis in the first place. Why is that?

Because any honest assessment would have to acknowledge that refugees fleeing the Middle East are the direct result of US policy in the region.

If you want to stop the refugee crisis, stop making refugees!

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