Monday, September 1, 2014

Tiny start-up scores PR grand slam with bullsh@t Bitcoin story

A tiny Canadian payroll processing start-up scored a massive public relations home run with a story that claims paying workers in the imaginary digital currency is a "growing trend".

Ya right!

But the story is on view at every major Canadian news outlet and has gone international! While it's obviously way more fluff than facts, it's not outright fabrication.

Last year nobody wanted to be paid in Bitcoin... this year a couple of folks at least inquired about it...

That is indeed a growing trend!

A tip of the hat to the PR savvy nerds at Wagepoint!

Canada FM Baird "declares solidarity" with Iranian political prisoners

This is a classic example of Canada's "talk big, do little" approach to international affairs under the Harper regime.

Baird is declaring solidarity with hundreds of prisoners in Iran, who are victims of that government's "determination to use the courts and prisons as tools of repression".

Had the bumbling blow-hard kept Canada's embassy in Tehran open, he would be able to do more than declare solidarity!

Luckily, our embassy in Israel remains open, so I presume that Baird is working feverishly behind the scenes for the release of the thousands of Palestinians in Israel's jails, a country also known for its determination to use the courts and prisons as tools of repression.

Big Steve takes big words, small stick to NATO summit

That's a headline on view at the CBC at this moment.

Oh-oh!... I detect even bigger cuts to the CBC budget coming down the pipe!

The CBC is normally quite indulgent of the sophmoric rantings of Messrs Harper and Baird, treating their various declarations on Putin, Ukraine, Israel, etc. as though they had a basis in reality.

But good for Terry Milewski for having the courage to call out our top clowns for their non-stop idiot-talk.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

While all good people are aghast at Putin's land grab in Ukraine, we totally ignore Israel's land grab in West Bank

Putin's land grab in Ukraine hasn't actually grabbed any land.

But it's made headlines galore in the nations of freedom and virtue.

Israel, on the other hand, has officially announced that it's grabbing another slice of Palestine, just because they can.

That makes virtually no headlines whatsoever, although we see Washington making some mealy-mouthed statements about how stealing Palestinian land may not be conducive to forging peace with the Palestinians.

That's a start.

As for that sibling rivalry between Russia and Ukraine, maybe we should butt out and let them sort it out.

Where to gas up your yacht for cheap while cruising the Mediterranean

When last we looked in on octogenarian Canadian tycoon Peter Munk, he had just purchased the impoverished country of Montenegro. Plans were afoot to reboot the residual rump state, leftover from the breakup of Yugoslavia, into an independent homeland for stateless wanderers in need of casinos, tax shelters, and berths for their mega-yachts.

Still smarting from his forced retirement from the company he founded, Barrick Gold, Munk is consoling himself with this retirement project  in the Bay of Kotor. And, unlike Barrick, which has shed about two thirds of its value over the past three years, things seem to be moving in the right direction in Porto Munkenegro.

Yacht berths are leased at 95% capacity, the new five star Munk Meridien Hotel is now open, and hundreds of locals have found gainful employment swabbing decks, changing sheets, and otherwise servicing the needs of the super-rich.

And leave it to the ever-crafty Munk to come up with a winning strategy to lure the mega-yachts away from Monaco - cheap gas!

 Thanks to Mr. Munk’s adept political skills, fill-ups at Porto Montenegro are about half the price it would be elsewhere in the European Mediterranean. That’s because Mr. Munk negotiated a sweet deal with the Montenegrin government that allows yachties to avoid fuel taxes and excise charges. As a result, big yachts from all over the Med find that it pays to tie up at Porto Montenegro. 

Yup, that's how they roll in the bigs! You use your "political skills" to cut a deal on fuel taxes that 
cheats a near-bankrupt state out of revenue... hey, an octogenarian maybe, but he still has his chops!

And best of all, he'll be leaving a legacy that's about more than dispossessed peasants and leaking 
tailing ponds.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Harper and Baird outraged; left off "Top Israel Cheerleaders" list

That's gotta hurt.

The US, England, and Australia all get top-shelf billing, but after all the toadying, all the sucking up, all the cringeworthy declarations of Israel's "right to defend itself" as Israel was in the midst of an unprecedented slaughter of Gaza civilians, Canada is left out of the honourable mentions of Israel's most subservient cheerleaders.

This could derail Big Steve's Nobel Peace Prize!

You too may be a Jew

I see where the Jewish People Policy Institute (that's a legit think-tank, by the way - look it up) has a spot of good news for those of us who always aspired to be counted among the Chosen People.

Apparently you can now get a DIY home genetic test kit that will definitively determine whether or not you have "Jewish blood" coursing through your veins!

According to the promoters of this direct-to-consumer DNA testing, this will lead to millions around the world discovering that they have Jewish roots. This discovery will result in those millions immediately developing a love for Israel and applying for Likud  membership.

I'm sceptical. Genetics can be a funny thing... I see the potential for this backfiring on a huge scale.

What would happen if we discover that three quarters of the population of Gaza are more Semitic than the Semites of Likud?

Now that would be awkward!