Saturday, February 6, 2016

LinkedIn today, Facebook tomorrow...

The smarty-pants good-news purveyors who have been touting the inevitable triumph of the supposed new economy would do well to take some lessons from what happened to LinkedIn share value on Friday.

As in 40% of market cap done gone... in one day!

LinkedIn today, Facebook tomorrow, Alphabet the day after?

Who knows?

The crazy thing about disruptive technology is it keeps disrupting.

You never know what it's going to disrupt next...

Friday, February 5, 2016

There's good news and bad news out of the sunny new Canada!

Here's the good news; we're lightening up on the sanctions we had on those towelheads of terror over in Iran. Yup, even though Big John Baird done shuttered the embassy, those folks come to their senses and figured they'd rather give up their nukes than mess around with Canada.

Too bad the good news comes a day after Iran announces they're buying 8000 airplanes from every airplane manufacturer in the world EXCEPT Canada's Bombardier.

More good news; Canada is gonna reopen their Tehran embassy. Unfortunately, the former embassy is now leased out to Starbucks, so the government has retained AE Lepage to find a new venue in Tehran.

Here's the bad news; POTHEAD minions have already signed off on the TPP. The usual experts have already decreed that this is nothing other than GOOD GOOD and GOODER news.

I've been around long enough to see that every "free trade" agreement gives what's left of Canada's working class another kick in the teeth, so if you're one of the few working class Canadians with any teeth left, why not belly up to the bar and cheer for the TPP!

Video Stars

As the regular readers will know, my dear son Jake is a bit of an undiscovered musical genius. I suppose it's a good thing he's undiscovered, because if he were ever to be discovered, uncovered, recovered, or rediscovered, it could seriously impact his budding career as a prep chef.

But he, like hundreds of millions of others, has been mourning David Bowie recently, and that shines through in his latest creation.

Nice work, kid.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Leafs still suck on ice, but new jerseys sure look sharp!

I see where the new Maple Leafs brain trust has unveiled a new logo.

And not only do those new jerseys look sharp, the new logo is apparently fraught with deeper meaning!

I suppose that partially compensates Leaf Nation for the fact that the new management team, old-boy NHL insiders every one, haven't been able to unveil a new attitude on the ice.

That's quite a team... Shanahan had what qualifications to be President of Hockey Operations?

Lou last won a Stanley in 2003. That's 13 years ago. The world has changed and so has the game.

And Babcock? Well, good for him for finally getting that set-for-life contract, but seriously... what's he brought so far?

As far as I'm concerned, you could have saved many millions by offering Don Cherry the combined President/GM/Coach position, and I'm sure he would have been happy to do it just for the coach's paycheque.

Hell, Don could lace up the Bauers and he'd be the first Pres/GM/PLAYER-coach in league history!

And he'd do more on the ice than some of the stiffs out there wearing that new logo.

Return of Quings - cashing in on Queer Fear

This "neomasculinity movement" that's been getting way too much free PR is nothing more than a bunch of insecure dudes worried about their sexuality in this age of gender fluidity.

More specifically, it's about one particular insecure dude who recognizes that he can cash in on the queer-phobia of his generation.

It's amazing the free publicity he's wringing out of the mainstream media. You don't need to talk about him, you don't need to give him free attention, you need to ignore him and let him sink into well-deserved obscurity.

The putative mastermind of this imaginary "movement" is obviously media savvy enough to know what buttons to push to unleash millions of dollars of free advertising. Hey, he's an entrepreneur building a brand - can't blame him for that! And all these well-intentioned mayors and MPs and congressmen and media pundits are apparently not media savvy enough to realize they're helping him do just that.

They should know better.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

More hokum from the great Ai Weiwei

There can be few sentient beings in the plugged-in world unacquainted with the heart-wrenching photo of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler whose lifeless body was photographed on a Greek beach some months ago.

It's a photo that resonated on many levels. It shamed many into donating to charities that have been assisting in the resettlement of refugees. Here in Canada it triggered an outcry over the foot-dragging by the Harperites in bringing refugees to this country.

But for Ai Weiwei, the picture was an inspiration.

Ai Weiwei as Alan Kurdi

Yes, in case you were not familiar with the refugee crisis before, now that the great Ai Weiwei has taken up the cause you have no excuse for your ignorance...

More tastless self-aggrandizing hokum from Ai Weiwei.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Cam Newton; my kinda niggah

What I like about Cam is he doesn't much apologize for anything.

That's what I liked about the black dudes at Budd Automotive and Frankel Steel and Saint John Shipbuilding. They were just guys who did their job, just like you did yours.

As a brother on the shop floor I respected them and they respected me.

What's "black" got to do with anything?

Mind you, we were "brothers" in the working class, not brothers in the racial sense. Once you leave the shop floor, "black" has too much to do with just about everything.

Renting an apartment.

Getting a job.

Getting pulled over by the cops.

Getting shot by the cops after you get pulled over...

There's a lot of ugly shit that falls on the heads of those black brothers who were my equals at Budd and Frankel and the shipyard that never falls on mine.

Just because I have white skin.

It's not the professional social justice activists who are going to change this.

It's guys like Cam Newton.