Thursday, September 18, 2014

Canada befouls parliamentary tradition with Poroshenko address

When you peruse the list of worthies who have addressed a ceremonial joint sitting of the Canadian Senate and Commons, none has as skimpy a resume as Petro Poroshenko.

17 September 2014Petro PoroshenkoPresident of Ukraine
27 February 2014His Highness Aga Khan IVSpiritual Leader of Ismaili Muslims
22 September 2011David CameronPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
26 May 2010Felipe CalderónPresident of Mexico
26 May 2008Viktor YushchenkoPresident of Ukraine
22 September 2006Hamid KarzaiPresident of Afghanistan
18 May 2006John HowardPrime Minister of Australia
25 October 2004Vicente FoxPresident of Mexico
9 March 2004Kofi AnnanSecretary General of the United Nations
22 February 2001Tony BlairPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
29 April 1999Václav HavelPresident of the Czech Republic
24 September 1998Nelson MandelaPresident of South Africa
11 June 1996Ernesto ZedilloPresident of Mexico
23 February 1995Bill ClintonPresident of the United States
19 June 1992Boris YeltsinPresident of Russia
8 April 1991Carlos Salinas de GortariPresident of Mexico
18 June 1990Nelson MandelaDeputy President of the African National Congress
11 October 1989HusseinKing of Jordan
27 June 1989Chaim HerzogPresident of Israel
22 June 1988Margaret ThatcherPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
16 June 1988Helmut KohlChancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
10 May 1988BeatrixQueen of the Netherlands
25 May 1987François MitterrandPresident of France
6 April 1987Ronald ReaganPresident of the United States
13 January 1986Yasuhiro NakasonePrime Minister of Japan
7 March 1985Javier Pérez de CuéllarSecretary General of the United Nations
8 May 1984Miguel de la MadridPresident of Mexico
17 January 1984Zhao ZiyangPremier of the People's Republic of China
26 September 1983Margaret ThatcherPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
11 March 1981Ronald ReaganPresident of the United States
26 May 1980José López PortilloPresident of Mexico
5 May 1980Masayoshi OhiraPrime Minister of Japan
19 June 1973Indira GandhiPrime Minister of India
30 March 1973Luis EcheverríaPresident of Mexico
14 April 1972Richard NixonPresident of the United States
26 May 1964U ThantSecretary General of the United Nations
17 May 1961John F. KennedyPresident of the United States
21 July 1958Kwame NkrumahPrime Minister of Ghana
9 July 1958Dwight D. EisenhowerPresident of the United States
13 June 1958Harold MacmillanPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
2 June 1958Theodor HeussPresident of West Germany
4 March 1957Guy MolletPrime Minister of France
5 June 1956SukarnoPresident of Indonesia
5 March 1956Giovanni GronchiPresident of Italy
6 February 1956Anthony EdenPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
14 November 1953Dwight D. EisenhowerPresident of the United States
5 April 1951Vincent AuriolPresident of France
31 May 1950Liaquat Ali KhanPrime Minister of Pakistan
24 October 1949Jawaharlal NehruPrime Minister of India
11 June 1947Harry S. TrumanPresident of the United States
19 November 1945Clement AttleePrime Minister of the United Kingdom
30 June 1944Peter FraserPrime Minister of New Zealand
1 June 1944John CurtinPrime Minister of Australia
16 June 1943Chiang Kai-shekPresident of the Republic of China
3 June 1943Edvard BenešPresident of Czechoslovakia
30 December 1941Winston ChurchillPrime Minister of the United Kingdom

You've got some genuine heavy hitters on the list; Churchill, Nehru, Truman, Eisenhower, Mandela...

And you've got a lot of sketchy second-stringers who's halos have faded with the passage of time.

Nixon, Blair, Thatcher, Karzai...

Hell, even Russian Prez Boris Yeltsin got an invite when the West thought we had him in our pocket!

But nobody has ever addressed the Canadian parliament after a six month career in politics that has been a complete bloody disaster by any measure.

Kanye West channels Dee Snider in wheelchair controversy

Kanye got lots of free publicity for supposedly dissing disabled audience members at a concert a few days ago.

Funny thing; the exact same controversy is something Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider has been making sport of for thirty years.

Everything old is apparently new again...

There's a lot to be said for recycling!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Silly season in full blossom as Poroshenko addresses Canadian parliament

It's guaranteed to be a good show when Ukraine's oligarch big dog addresses the Canadian parliament tomorrow.

That's an honour usually reserved for serious players on the world stage, so the fact that Poroshenko gets a turn at the podium can only mean that the Uke lobby in Ottawa wields way more clout than we ever imagined.

What the Canadian-Ukrainian lobby can't bring itself to admit is that their heroic Ukrainian oligarchs are the very culprits they are looking for in their hunt for the guilty parties in Ukraine's demise over the last 25 years.

It's the Poroshenko crowd that has raped Ukraine into the dirt these last 25 years.

Blaming Russia and Putin is just a convenient way of avoiding responsibility.

Just because you lived in Virginia for 20 years doesn't automatically make you a CIA stooge

Then again, maybe it does!

You gotta love the way our mainstream media tippy-toes around this guy as a "retired general."

Yup, 20 years in Virginia, a short drive from Langley, like about a three iron drive, but he's just a regular Libyan dude who happened to settle in the neighbourhood

Because Khalifa Haftar was just one of hundreds of regular Libyan dudes who coincidentally chose to settle down right nearby CIA headquarters.

And why not? The shopping is good, the climate is accommodating, and the rent is reasonable, all the more so when it's being paid by some anonymous American entity related to the security apparatus.

Yes, it was a sweet deal these Libyan ex-pats scored for themselves.

You don't think the CIA Welcome Wagon might have come with strings attached, do you?

US Army gives up war on terror, fights Ebola instead

Looks like the pin-heads at the Pentagon are going to try doing something useful for a change.

If all goes to plan, 3,000 US troops will find themselves in Liberia soon, fighting the Ebola virus. That would mark the first time since 1945 that the American military can be accused of doing something that could be helpful to humanity.

Such a 180 degree turn could have serious ramifications. If US forces are busy making friends instead of enemies, saving lives instead of wantonly wasting them, all sorts of unforeseen side-effects could soon follow. An America seen as virtuous would eventually slow down the international arms race as the rest of the world no longer fears the next random Yankee rampage through their sovereign states.

As military spending plummets around the world, money would become available for health care and housing and education!

This might get big... an era of global peace could be just around the corner!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Urban sprawl and moral decay

Suburbs and sin...

I was part of the generation that got wasted in basement rec-rooms walled in faux "wood panelling" and wreathed in smoke; "101 ways to smoke dope in your parent's basement without them suspecting a thing" was a best-seller at the time, if I remember correctly, and I wouldn't put too much money on that.

Ah, the recreation room!


Wreck room wrecked room...

Nothing says 70's louder than the word "rec-room."

Well, maybe a spin of a vinyl Earth Wind and Fire album.

Vintage vinyl is in again, by the way, a fact that would make me a rich man had Junior not filched my 3,000 strong collection of first edition vinyl originals.

I'd be angry, but at least he used the proceeds for tuition.

It's hard to be angry about that.

Besides, when Abbie wrote "Steal this book," everybody understood he wasn't just talking about books.

But I was down south at the weekend, down Guelph way. What always amazes me when I go down there is how big the place has got. We used to run quarter mile drag races on roads that are entirely enveloped by quarter million dollar chicken coops today.

Urban sprawl at its finest.

I recall lighting out north in a scary fast 396 Nova from the corner of Woodlawn and Victoria, flashing lights in hot pursuit. You'd be seeing 150 mph down the hill past Lou Fontinato's farm. That's Mph, not Kph, kids.

In a Nova SS.

Try that in your Honda Civic...

You wouldn't want to do that now.

The shoulder is lined with the parked cars of hikers who hit the trails down by the bridge beyond Louis' farm. 30 klicks seems plenty fast here.


That's a head-fuck for the modern era, that folks will drive a gas-burning emission-spewing 100 km to get back to nature.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The toxicity of the Temporary Foreign Worker program

Had a get-together with extended family to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of my folks this afternoon.

Every single person there was an immigrant, which is just an oblique way of acknowledging that none of us have a Status card.

So we're all immigrants or the children of immigrants, and we come from here and there and everywhere, and what's wrong with that?

Point is, had there been a TFW program back in the day, my folks and all these other folks would have been shipped back to the old country as soon as their temporary work assignment was done.

They would not have been allowed to put down roots.

They would not have been allowed to buy homes, start families, start businesses, bring their relatives over, raise children here, send those children on to university or the workforce, or see the next generation start a new wave of businesses etc....

And so it went, and the nation benefited hugely.

Under the TFW program, they'd all have been kicked out after a couple of years.