Friday, July 21, 2017

How to save Canada Post

Have you noticed that our hippy-dippy lovey-dovey PM Justin "Sunny Daze" Trudeau, who was elected on a promise of legalizing the weed 'o wisdom, has not yet, a year and a half into his mandate, done any such thing?

In fact, just the other day, I read that some of the provincial top-knobs were lobbying for an extension on the 2018 Canada Day deadline, so they could study the matter some more.

How pathetically Canadian, eh? We don't do much, but we are number one when it comes to studying the self-evident to death.

One of the issues troubling the Preems is who is gonna sell the stuff?

I pondered that for a moment and had a sudden brain wave...


This has all the makings of a two-fer. Remember a couple of years ago when their twat of a CEO claimed they were ending door-to-door delivery because, in his words, he was besieged by calls from seniors needing an excuse to get out for a little exercise?

Ya, we all knew that was bullshit, but I think here's a chance to breathe new life into the moribund Canada Post. Giving them distribution rights should of course be contingent on restoring door to door delivery clear across the land. Hell, with all that new revenue, they should even be able to see their way clear to giving the posties a decent raise!

And while we're at it, lets bring basic banking services to the post office too. That would cut out the despicable greedbags who profit from running those cheque-cashing joints that are geared to further immiserating poor folks.

By golly, I think we got us a three-fer!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A million ain't what it used to be

Back when I was coming up, a million dollars was a lot of money. If you were worth a million bucks you were considered "rich." In a town of 50,000, there might have been a few dozen millionaires and half a dozen or so folks with a net worth of ten million or more.

Those were the "super-rich" of the era.

Today a million bucks won't buy you a house in Toronto or Vancouver.

I'm contemplating these numbers because of something I read in my Globe and Mail today.

The story quotes a Conservative Party website as saying "Justin Trudeau has made Khadr one of the wealthiest men in Canada..."

As you know, Khadr's lawyers negotiated a ten million dollar settlement with the government for violating his Charter rights.

Lot's of folks are having shit hemorrages over this. Go to Twitter and search "Khadr settlement" and you'll be mightily impressed (or depressed) at the bile emanating from your fellow Canadians.

You'd think Khadr was personally responsible for writing the Charter of Rights and then finagled his way into Gitmo, just to trick the government of Canada into violating his rights so he could sue them big time.

But back to that hoary claim that a ten million dollar settlement has made him "one of the wealthiest men in Canada."

Not likely. In that town of 50,000 I came up in, which is now a small city of 130,000, there are today many dozens of folks with a net worth of ten million or more. Extrapolate that across the country and you've got tens of thousands of men with a net worth of ten million, and more than a few women too.

So when you claim that this settlement, which is entirely in line with previous settlements our government has made with other Canadians who have had their Charter rights violated, makes Khadr one of the richest men in the country, you're engaging in something that used to be called "yellow journalism."

I might expect to see that in Ezra's arch racist Rebel Media, but I'm surprised to find it, unchallenged, in Canada's putative newspaper of record.

And I'm profoundly disturbed that the Conservative Party would stoop to this level of hate-mongering.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blame the conniving incompetents of Canadian officialdom for making Omar Khadr newest member of Muslim Millionaires Club

Don't blame Khadr. He was a fifteen year old kid who thought he was fighting infidel invaders. Which he was, from a Muslim perspective.

When in 1913 fifteen year old kids from Halifax or Toronto lied about their age, joined the army, and went on to kill people, we celebrated them, and we celebrate them to this day.

One of the many pie-in-the-sky feel-good initiatives that various Canadian governments have championed over the past couple of decades has been the cause of "child soldiers." Obviously that was only intended to apply to the primitives on the Dark Continent, otherwise the opinion makers and the political do-gooders wouldn't have lost their zeal so quickly when a Canadian kid got caught on the wrong side of their good intentions.

Anyway, the financial settlement wasn't a reward for what he did or did not do as a 15 year old. It was compensation for our government's conniving in his illegal torture and detention in the years that followed, an ordeal that contravened both Canadian and international law.

As for those outraged over the settlement who compare the outcome of this case to the paltry compensation given our dead and maimed veterans, they're missing the point. They put on those CF uniforms to protect our values, foremost among which is the rule of law. This is what happens when our government tramples those values.

We should be grateful that our government can still be held accountable.

The fact that Khadr now joins the ranks of Arar, Almaki, El-Maati, and Nureddin in the Muslim Millionaires Club isn't Khadr's fault.

You'd hope the boffins in Ottawa are smart enough to detect a pattern here and make an effort to mend their ways.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

From one hipster twat to another

I don't actually spend any time reading the responses I get to the stuff I post on this blog,

Ken from BC would be an exception to that rule. He seems to get it.

But tonight I accidentally hit the "comments" button on my screen, and apparently there is somebody out there who figures I'm a "hipster twat."


OK, I might be a bit of a twat...

But a "hipster?"

Get the fuck outta here!

I'm about as hip as a 1962 Chevy pick-up truck.

By the way, I rolled one of those over in the ditch just outside of Ariss back in the day. Ended up upside down in a cornfield.

The farmer who owned that corn field hit me up for a hundred bucks.

That was big money in those days.

Singalong with Johnny Rotten

Spent the afternoon going down memory lane with the Sex Pistols when I should have been pushing the lawn mower around the yard. Shit happens, I guess... the lawn will still be there tomorrow.

I happened upon that video because it was attached to an email from my dear son Jake. Of all the Juniors, he's the one I worry about the most, mainly because he seems to have inherited his dear Daddy's appetite for excess.

Jake is a brilliant musician, but like most brilliant musicians, he's scratching out a living in the restaurant business. At least he's learning the craft in a top end place.

He's also the kid who "borrowed" my original pressing of the original Sex Pistols album.

The 2008 Sex Pistols reunion concert at Brixton Academy was remarkable for a number of reasons, the main one being that Mr. Rotten and crew are still alive, and still rotten. Without Sid, of course; may he rest in peace.

I especially liked where he called out his audience for being England's working class. All creeds, all races, but singularly working class.

Class solidarity forever!

Where is this happening in American music? Bruce campaigning for Hillsy? Get the fuck outta here!

The Sex Pistols were originally part of the reaction to the Thatcherite destruction of the working class. Great to see that Johnny Rotten is still rocking and Maggie has gone to her reward.

As for Jake, he seems to be doing OK. Tells me he's catching up with some of the music he's missed in the past; Gregorian chant, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Islamic Sufi music.

Don't know how he missed out on the Gregorian chant. I had at least six inches worth in my CD rack. Remember those?

Anyway, it's funny how he managed to "borrow" all my really good stuff but overlooked the Gregorian chant.

But I still worry, as parents do.

I recall busting into the storage locker of a prominent drug dealer with my dear pal Johnny H. Said dealer is long dead so I guess it's OK to tell the tale. Nothing in there except a couple of sheets of blotter acid. We tried a couple of tabs and nothing much happened. So we ate the entire sheets. Took weeks before I could make a sentence again.

That kind of stupidity could kill you today. There is stuff out there that we could not have imagined in my youth. One bad party night with fentanyl and it's all over.

Stay safe, dear son.

Friday, July 14, 2017

The phenomenal good value of the $10.99 buffet at the Topnotch

I recently raved about their buffet at $12.99.

Don't know if they dropped the price or I just got it wrong.

In any event, that's got to be about the best value out there.

We tried out the all-you-can-eat buffet at Pebbles in Varney recently. For $18.99 you get much less than what you get at the Topnotch. But they have the esoteric appeal of being an old-school Amish joint.

Me and the Farm Manager used to breakfast there before it fell into the hands of the Amish and before we had a farm. The Amish picked up the place for around half a million, which got them the restaurant, the motel, and the bungalow next door.

That was a shrewd deal.

In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find our Amish neighbours making a bad deal when it comes to real estate and business.

The bungalow next door would be worth close to half a million today.

But getting back to the point of value for your dining dollar, I strongly recommend that you drive by Pebbles and head for the Topnotch.

Ya, it's another hour, but what the hell..

Neo-colonialist Bernard-Henri Levi gets Globe & Mail platform to spew his neo-colonialist rubbish

The Globe's opinion page has been invaded by foreign prognosticators, which I suspect has more to do with Globe management cutting costs than anything else. After all, we've got plenty of competent pro-capitalist, pro-empire prognosticators right here at home.

But they generally want to be paid a living wage. Printing stuff from outside sources is a neat way around that.

Which might explain why the widely esteemed asshole BHL got a slot in today's paper. Maybe David Shribman is on vacation or something.

The gist of BHL's missive in the Globe today is that "we," meaning the Nations of Virtue, should be all in for granting the Kurds their own statelet in the Middle East, to be carved out of the countries we've been bombing to ratshit for the last twenty years or longer.

After all, the Israelis absolutely love the Kurds.

If the apartheid state of Israel is on board, we should be too, goes the conventional reasoning.

I'm not so sure.

Ya, they might hate Arabs, but check out this site re: female genital mutilation in Kurdistan.

Aside from hating Arabs, do we really have any common ground with the Kurds?

I think not so much.

How is it the responsibility of we in the West to meddle in the Middle East even more than we already have to ensure that a greater Kurdistan becomes a reality?

Haven't we caused enough damage?