Monday, August 31, 2015

How the Netanyahu crowd has destroyed Israel

Where is Israel today?

Fighting a rear-guard action against BDS.

Continuously justifying the unjustifiable in the West Bank and Gaza.

Fighting another rear-guard action against an Iran deal that leaves the Iran nuclear program exposed to the bright sunshine while leaving Israel's nuclear program completely in the dark. Why anyone in Israel should object to such a deal is inconceivable.

Alienating Israel's one essential patron while fighting that fight.

Israel does indeed have an existential problem, and it's got nothing to do with Iran.

It's got everything to do with the Palestinians.

Before Netanyahu, there was always hope, even in the Sharon era.


Show me the hope...

When Edgar Bronfman passed, Israeli media were quick to lard on the plaudits. After all, how could they not? Mr. Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress for two decades, was the number one advocate for Israel for a long time.

What none of those obits mentioned, was that Edgar Bronfman ceaselessly advocated for a Palestinian state. He knew what BDS knows; Israel has an existential problem that needs to be resolved if Israel is to continue.

That's not anti-Semitism.

That's reality.

Trump instability shuts down financial district

A tilting antenna atop the Trump tower in Toronto has led authorities to close Bay Street.

That's got nothing to do with Donald Trump, candidate for the Republican party in the race for the White House in 2016.

Trump just franchises out his "brand" to keeners eager to cash in on its perceived value out in the provinces, which means anyplace outside of New York City.

So folks in Chicago or Toronto or Scotland will fork over big bucks to the Trump Organization to win the right to have the Trump name adorn their golf course or their hotel or their condo development.

That's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

But it certainly proves Donald's marketing genius!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kanye West is the Messiah

I just found myself watching the MTV something or other awards. All the beautiful people are in full-on mode. Bieber. Taylor Swift. And the current Godfather of pop culture, Kanye West.

At least I assume he's the Godfather... sure sounded like it in that twenty minute monologue they allowed him.

Is it true that all these beautiful people share the same handful of handlers?

And is that Pharrell Williams singing about freedom while sporting an Addidas logo on his ass?

Wow... I'm so close to salvation...

Bieber, Taylor, Pharrell, Kanye, Miley, Addidas...

How I wish I could believe...

Choosing your weapon at Falling Downs

I bet Junior a hundred bucks that no matter which weapon he chose, I'd beat him around the block.

Let me explain the weapons.

In this corner, there's a twenty year old Kawasaki Ninja.

In the other corner, there's a twenty-five year old Mustang Fifty.

Let me explain the block.

We're in God's country here, and that's on top of living smack dab in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The "block" takes you through three hamlets; Wolsley, Lake Charles, and Kemble.

Wolsley is a former church, two houses, and a gas station turned bakery turned ghost town.

Lake Charles is a 90 degree hard right turn at Wolsley. It's got a church and five houses.

You take another 90 degree hard right at the church in Lake Charles and you're on a four mile straightaway to the Kemble Mountain Road. You can hit some ungodly speed on that stretch.

Then you've got some twisties and an absolutely divine vista unfolding before you on the other side of the Kemble Rock. Then you hit Kemble after another short straight of a mile or so.

Kemble is a post office, a church, and a couple of dozen houses. You make another hard right and head home. There's another set of twisties just as you're getting to Falling Downs. This is the stretch that sees the annual Porsche parade during the Cobble Beach Concours. If you went straight at Kemble instead of making that hard right, you'd be at Cobble Beach in five minutes and in Owen Sound in fifteen... at least if you were abiding by the speed limits.

So Junior picks the Mustang. I get the Ninja. The Ninja is a recent addition to our fleet, so I've not got around to getting either a helmet or a motorcycle license. Which is why I'm being extra slow and extra careful.

That Mustang can run the quarter in fourteen flat, but nevertheless I blow his doors off. There's no traffic at the Wolsley corner, so I use up all the road and I'm off to Lake Charles before he even shows up in my mirrors. That's a nice straight road and I can wring out the Ninja to a goodly turn of speed.

I spot him in the rear-view just as I'm braking for the turn at the Church in Lake Charles. I never see him again. I'm over the Rock and down the straight into Kemble at 125 mph. There's more in the Ninja but I want to take it easy.

I'm gonna try this flat out after I get a helmet.

Full stop at the Kemble corner, and I dawdle the last couple of miles back to Falling Downs.

Junior shows up five minutes later.

Old guys rule!

Obama to rename highest peak in North America after a GM SUV

That's right folks, Mount McKinley is about to be re-christened.

The mountain once named for the 25th president of the United States will hence forth be named after a General Motors product.

I get it; Obama salvaged General Motors from the dustbin of history, but renaming America's biggest mountain after a GM product seems a bit of over-reach, does it not?

At least he didn't name it "Mt. Barack."

Former prez Dwayne Camacho to challenge Trump for GOP nomination

Things are certainly heating up in the pre-primaries.

Former president Dwayne Camacho threw his hat into the ring at a news conference in Brownsville Texas today.

This should spice up the GOP race, where Trump has been enjoying a field day steam-rolling over a field of sad-sack opponents.

Given Camacho's White House experience, chronicled in a 2006 documentary, Trump is gonna have to dig deep to fend off the new contender.

It's a bold new morning for democracy in the USA!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Does smarty-pants liberalism alienate the working classes?

That title in itself raises a number of questions.

Does America still have a working class? Are there a multiplicity of working classes? Are all "working" Americans just the working poor?

Guess it's gonna depend a lot on how you define "working."



Bill Clinton showed us a lot about the importance of definitions back in the Lewinski era.

I'm a regular reader of Counterpunch.

Some of the stuff I read there is utterly invaluable.

Much of the stuff I read there is utter crap.

For example, Mateo Pimental, a Counterpunch regular, has figured out that Donald Trump is a racist.

Well, no shit!

Hey dude, we're all racists at some level. Acknowledging race is racism when you get down to the nitty gritty of it.

And how does one go about the business of social commentary without acknowledging race?

I've long thought that classism casts a bigger shadow than racism. When the black guys and the white guys stumbled out of Frankel Steel with their lay-off notices in hand one night in the 1980s, we had everything in common. In fact, at that moment, we had way more in common than we had to divide us.

Black and white alike are gonna miss our payments and maybe lose our homes.

I had black workmates at Budd Automotive and Frankel Steel and at Saint John Shipbuilding and at pretty much every other place I ever worked.

We might have had different skin-tones, but we all worked the same gig.

In that "classless society" that America has ostensibly become, maybe a few folks could turn their sights on what's really going on in the debasement of America's working classes.

I'm guessing Donald Trump will get there well before Mateo Pimental.