Friday, June 22, 2018

John's barber shop

Apparently John Drimmie has opened up a barber shop in Owen Sound.

That's good to know, because I need a haircut something bad.

It was John's mom who clued me in to the barber shop. His mom and me go way back, even way further back than either of us care to remember.

John's mom married the sibling of one of my grade school pals, David Drimmie. The Drimmies had a turkey farm just outside of Elora at the time me and David were school pals, and they also owned a sawmill in town.

Me and Dave used to play in that sawmill after school.

Somewhere along the line the Drimmie sawmill became the Elora Inn. Ya, that fancy-pants Inn overlooking the Tooth of Time.

As a matter of fact, I proposed to my first wife right there at the Elora Inn after a fabulously over-priced dinner. I'd got one of the wait staff to bring out the engagement ring!

How romantic was that?

Alas, it was all downhill from there...

So today John Drimmie's mom tells me John has a barber shop in Owen Sound.

"And you know he has a degree in economics," she says.

Well, actually, I do. And not only that, I happen to know he did an internship on an organic farm for a spell.

So the organic farmer with a degree in economics has opened up a barber shop...

Hey John, I'll be there as soon as your Mamma gives me the address. I want it way short on the sides and maybe a little longer at the top.

See you soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Russiagate, Babygate, and media malfeasance

I see where Mafia Don has done a rather hasty climb-down from the "zero tolerance" nonsense on the illegal immigrant families.

Let's face it; the optics were beyond horrid. Suckling babes ripped from their mothers' breasts...

The horror!

Unlike most ugly shit that America does, this quickly became "an issue." And once something becomes "an issue" in American media, you know it's got legs. It rapidly becomes immune to anything resembling rational discourse.

Most people who go to jail don't get to take their kids with them, not in the USA and not anywhere else. Indeed, people who go to jail, as a matter of course, generally give up their children.

Hell, Trump could have taken a page out of the playbook of the most moral army in the world and just had the Border Patrol shoot the poor sods down before they even crossed the border.

Oddly enough, that revolting spectacle passed virtually without comment in American media.

But the big boys who decide what's news knew they had themselves a winner, a fresh new beatin' stick to bash Trump with. After all, the Russiagate business seems to have more or less run its course; it's the never-ending nothing-burger that even the most fervent Trump-haters have lost hope in.

After a year and a half plus of multiple investigations we can be pretty sure that some non-entities with possible links to certain possible Putin associates may have stolen the last US election by meeting with certain people with links to the Trump campaign, and before the delicate blossom of American democracy knew what hit it, had robbed Hillary of the White House with a few well-timed Facebook adverts...

Nah... Russiagate is well past its best-before date.

No, "the Resistance" needed a new angle, and for a couple of promising weeks it looked like Babygate might be it. Alas, Trumpenstein caught on, and that's all over now.

What next?

Here's a suggestion; I think if you take another look at the Trump Team's collusion with foreign powers, you might get a little more traction if you picked a different country, say Israel.

I hear Sheldon Adelson himself made a twenty million dollar tithe to the Trump campaign, and many other Trump associates, including members of the Trump family itself, were colluding with Israeli interests to throw the election to Trump!

They could call it Bibigate.

Now that would be something worth investigating!

Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to smuggle guns into Toronto

I caught a bit of the CBC radio show "The Current" this morning. The host had Toronto Police Association Boss Mike McCormack and a couple of other guests on discussing one of the perennial favorite topics of the Toronto cognoscenti - the never-ending gun-violence crisis in the city.

Apparently gun incidents and gun deaths have been on a steady up-tick for the last five years...

Hmm...  since around 2013, then?

Oddly enough, that was the year the Toronto Star published their boffo how-to series The Gun Pipeline, a veritable primer on the ins and outs of smuggling guns into Canada from the US!

The think tank here at Falling Downs thought that the height of irresponsibility; why advertise to all the wannabe gansta's how easy the gun-smuggling gig is?

Looks like we were right again!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Family picnics and a note to Bibi

Drove down to Waterloo yesterday for the annual family picnic. They used to have it in Bellwood but the Waterloo contingent considered that too far a drive, so for the last few years it's been held at the Laurel Creek Park in Waterloo.

That shortens their drive down to about ten minutes, but adds another 45 to mine, and I was having the longest drive anyway, absent any outliers from Montreal or New Jersey.

But these family picnics are a get-together I hate to miss.

What's way cool is how the next couple of generations are faring out. The third generation offspring of a bunch of DPs who got off the boat with nothing in their pockets are generally busy with masters or doctorate studies. It's the classic immigrant tale; the first generation digs ditches, the second generation manages the ditch-diggers, and the third generation, the Ph. D. crowd, produces studies that prove ditch-diggers are no longer required.

And while those master's and Doctor Phil kids have my utmost respect, I have to say there were a couple of kids there who I give even more. Nephew Sam found himself some kind of college course where he get's qualified to be a fishing and hunting guide.

Say what?

You can go to college for that?

Apparently you can.

Sam's got a gig at a hunting lodge in the North West Territories for three months, then he's got a fishing guide gig lined up in Algonquin Park, and after that he's eyeing some opportunities in New Zealand.

And nephew Isaac just got his Red Seal as a truck and coach mechanic. Isaac went the apprentice route instead of signing up for gigantic student loans. No student loans and making fifty thou a year doesn't sound too bad to me.

Especially when you compare him to all those schmucks with MA degrees in English Lit trying to pay their rent, not to mention their student loans, by driving for Uber.

But the family picnic is a tradition that goes waaay back. I think it had it's origins in the late 50's when they'd all decamp to Sauble Beach for a day in the summer. Then we moved it to the Elora Gorge Park for a few years, and then it went to Bellwood, and every year you'd see the same folks being just the same but a year older.

After fifty or sixty years, you can imagine they look quite a bit older...

Me included.

So the family shindig was six hours of driving for a three hour visit with the extended family, and today I drove half way back to Waterloo to have breakfast with my old pal Kipling at the Teviotdale Truck Stop.

Kipling is a larger than life character, and for reasons of national security I can't really tell the whole story till he kicks the bucket, and since he's looking hale and hearty I imagine that'll be a few years yet. Suffice it to say he's made his living in the transport business most of his life.

Kipling's got a bee in his bonnet about self-driving vehicles. Seems Freightliner or somebody recently ran a driverless truck all the way from California to Detroit without an accident.


Kipling points out that about 20% of the workforce is engaged in transporting goods from point A to point B.

He further points out that once you disemploy that 20% of the working population, there'll be 20% less people able to buy the shit those trucks are carrying.

I guess the AI robots who are taking over the driver's seat and a lot of other jobs in what's left of our manufacturing sector are gonna have to pick up the slack.

Not sure how that'll work out.

While I'm out breakfasting with Kipling, the Farm Manager is on the horn with the Bubbinator, and somehow, in their weekly exchange on all matters political, they get on the topic of dehumanizing the "other" and how that leads to genocide.

Canada as a British Colony dehumanized the native Canadians.

Germany under Hitler dehumanized Jews.

Israel today is dehumanizing the Palestinians. That's why it's A-OK for Israeli snipers to shoot unarmed Gaza protesters in the back.

To my surprise, Bubby agreed with this line of reasoning.

I was surprised because, as long as I've known her, she's been a staunch supporter of Israel, no matter what. This is a departure.

Note to Bibi; when you're losing the Bubbies of the Diaspora, you'd best have a long think about where you're heading.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Counter Counterpunch

From time to time folks who generally find themselves in agreement with the opinions I promote on this blog ask me why I'm not on Counterpunch.

My stock answer is that since Counterpunch is where I steal most of my ideas, it would be redundant to be there.

Plus, Cockburn has never invited me.

So fuck Counterpunch.

But I've noticed that there's a wellspring of anti-Counterpunch discourse welling up from allegedly leftish points of view.


Maybe the Anti-Punchers have a point...

After all, just today I read a story there that was, at least sort-of, pro Jordan Peterson.

Not only that, but there were two or three writers who apparently found something kind to say about Trump's Korean gambit.

What the fuck has come over that Cockburn twat? Why is he allowing this proto-fascist shit on his website?

I don't see the problem. As far as I can tell, Jordan Peterson is the Ann Landers of the 21st century.

And so far as Trump's Korea gambit goes, how is it unreasonable that condo-hustler Trump would rather build hotels in North Korea than nuke the place?

While I'm pretty sure that more condos on the beaches aren't the solution to anything, I'm 100% sure that's way better than nuclear war.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The fabulous joys of free speech in the comment section

Not too long after I sparked up this blog, back whenever that was, I got an email from Before It's News offering to "syndicate" this blog, whatever that means. Apparently that was going to help me "build my brand" or something.

Had a bit of back and forth with the person who sent that missive. Wanted to make sure they were comfortable with some of my way-out-there theories.

Like the theory that Jimmy Hoffa's final, or perhaps not-quite-final resting place was at a salami factory...

Buddy from Before it's News was happy to oblige. No worries, he said.

So this blog has showed up on their website ever since.

That was before they had a million stories on their website. They're over six million today.

Funny thing is, there's never more than a couple of thousand people viewing their website on any given day, but they've got a total of over a billion page views?..

That's amazing!

I long ago concluded that whoever runs the show at BIN is running a click-bait factory. Nevertheless, I've not made any effort to remove my blog from that site. And as a matter of fact, there must be real sentient people actually reading their site from time to time, because how else would you get a comment like this;

typical bull shett from a leftist commie maggot–falling down..who is the brain dead one,falling down no doubt–oil is organic you fool–it comes right out of mother earth you idiot–there is untold trillions of gallons of it on the earth,a gift from mommy nature you moron–now if you burn it in a way that causes pollution,shame on you–one volcano produces more pollution than all of man made pollution so go figure you brain dead shett head–go crawl back under a rock you maggot

Hmm... alrighty then!

Hey, if you're gonna have free speech, it's gotta be free speech for everybody, no matter how retarded they are.

Carry on, b4!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dotard and Rocket Man have Deep State in tizzy over fears that peace could break out in Korea

Sixty-five years after the end of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula, North and South Korea remain officially at war.

And that's a good thing. After all, those 25,000 US soldiers and sailors and airmen who call South Korea home soak up a goodly slice of America's bloated military budget. Take Korea out of the US military budget and there'd be a lot of hurtin' accounts receivable amongst your top shelf military provisioners.

And you know what that means, don't you? Job losses in the homeland!

North Korea has been an essential rationale for at least some of that insane military spending the warmongers rely on for their bread and truffles. Why is Trump in such a rush to reduce demand for the products of the Military-Industrial Complex when no other enemy is in sight to take its place?

Truth be told, all of Korea would have been way better off had the Yanks just packed up and left after their ill-fated attempt to conquer the Korean Peninsula ended in a draw in 1953. And if the American Empire was about peace and US security, that unfortunate war wouldn't have happened in the first place.

Then again, I could be wrong about that "no other enemy in sight" part.

Those 25,000 men and women in uniform who call Korea home could come in handy when we get serious about restoring democracy to Iran.