Sunday, April 26, 2015

How about them Raptors!

After a pretty darn good season, it's been a disappointment to see the Raptors go out in four straight. Mind you, at least till tonight's game, they were for the most part in it.

Don't know what happened tonight... maybe the Leaf's motivation coach gave them a pep-talk before the game? And what's with Casey calling a time out with two minutes and change left, and the team down by 36?

Could that have been his last time out as coach of Toronto?

Mind you, they did mange to close the gap to 31 by the end... so maybe Casey's job is safe.

It was a great series for the old guy, Pierce. Washington signed him last July. He was easily the MVP of the series. How different things might have been had Toronto signed him instead?

Oh well, there's a brand new season just around the corner.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gallipoli Shmallipoli

There's a whole lotta glory being shone on the bloodbath that was Gallipoli today.

Maybe the gate-keepers of the news decided that we need to "honour" a bloodbath from 100 years ago to help us into the correctly receptive frame of mind to become willing accomplices to the next bloodbath.

I heard the unctuous turd Tony Abbott on the radio today ruminating about how Gallipoli forged Australia into a nation.

No doubt.

He's one to keep an eye on, that Abbott. With respect to the treatment of indigenous people and would-be refugees he makes our own dear leader look like a liberal, if such a thought is conceivable.

At least they have a decent minimum wage.

It's not really spring till you've had a proper grass fire

It was a beautiful spring day here at Falling Downs. A little cool, but clear and lots of sunshine. It was the kind of day that makes you feel you'll be young forever.

I appreciate those days more than I used to. In fact, the older I get, I find I pretty much appreciate damned near everything more than I used to. Whoever it was that said "youth is wasted on the young" pretty much nailed it.

At thirty you tend to be anxious about shit like your job isn't working out, or your marriage isn't working out, or blah blah blah...

There's always something.

At sixty, if you can drag your ass out of bed in the morning without assistance, and eat and shit without assistance, well.... high five!

So I thought I'd take advantage of the fine weather and bring in a little wood for next winter. I've been going back and forth between the Poulan and the Stihl recently, mainly because I went through a spell where I incorrectly concluded the Stihl was pooched.

That was back in February, when I was desperately trying to keep ahead of the yawing appetite of the wood furnace, due to my showdown with the bitch at xxxx Fuel Supply Company who had insisted that I provide a current certificate of compliance for the oil furnace. By the way, I think I won that round. It's late April and we got through the worst winter in forever without a drop of furnace oil, and nobody froze to death.

But the experience did make us highly chain-saw dependant.

Therefore I pretty much had a panic attack the night I couldn't get the Stihl to fire up. Felt like there was no compression, and based on past experiences that generally means only one thing.

Time for a new chain-saw.

Or, time to fire up the Poulan.

I'm out in the garage in forty below rooting around for the Poulan, which hasn't been used for a couple years. Top her up with gas, prime that stupid little bulb five times (and it's amazing how they can make plastics that don't freeze solid at forty below) and by god if she didn't fire right up!

So the much maligned Poulan became the main saw around here for awhile, while at the back of my mind I toyed with the inevitability of taking the Stihl in for a professional diagnosis. I knew the news could only be bad, so I kept putting that off the way you put off taking a favourite hound to the vet when you now the diagnosis can only be bad.

Well, the day came when I felt I couldn't put it off any longer. Just before I put her in the truck for her last trip, I thought I'd give her one last try. On principle. Just to say I did everything I could.

Well, fuck me, she fired right up!

Due to the fact that the Poulan had filled in admirably in the absence of the Stihl, I didn't want to discard her entirely, so I've been going back and forth between the two recently. You want to avoid jealousy between the saws, after all.

Which is how I came to be clearing the south-west corner of the north-east woodlot this afternoon, right there above the bridge by Indian Creek. It's only good manners and good woodlot management to burn off the branches and whatnot that won't be firewood, so while I was falling and cutting and loading the truck I simultaneously had a good burn going.

Unlike in some years past, today's burn did not require the intervention of the township fire department, and I was thankful for that. I'm sure they were too.

There's something about spending a day in the fresh air that really makes you appreciate life. The day will come, all too soon, when I'll be warehoused in a "home."

There'll be no more walking the hounds.

No more dropping forty foot elms and hoping they don't land on the truck.

No more truck.

No more chainsaws.

Maybe I should be pro-active.

Maybe I should start up a "home" for folks who aren't ready to fade off quietly into that forever night.

Introducing the Gateway to Heavenly Downs.

Bring your hounds...

Our staff are specially trained in the care and maintenance of chainsaws.

We've got a garden plot round the back where you can grow what you will with the assistance of our highly trained Jamaican herbalists.

And if you and the 85 year old hottie in the next room want to spend some quality oinky-boinky time together, hey, that's your business, not ours.

And every April, we'll celebrate the turn of the seasons with a honkin' huge Heavenly Downs Fire-Department-invited-in-advance grass fire!

See ya soon!

Canada goes monument mad

Here's a story so daft I had to check the calendar to make sure it's not April 1st.

Seems there's a plan afoot to festoon the country with decommissioned LAV III armoured vehicles left over from our mission to bring democracy and stability to Afghanistan. These will serve to honour the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform etc. If matters unfold as hoped, there will be 250 such monuments scattered across the nation.

Derelict war wagons parked randomly in towns and cities across Canada won't honour anyone. They glorify what was an ill-conceived and poorly executed campaign from beginning to end. No serious person imagines that Afghanistan is in any way a better place due to our efforts.

In an irony that speaks volumes about Canada's delusions of sovereignty, the plan to gloss over our failure in Afghanistan is temporarily on hold awaiting approval from Washington.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Playoff overdose

This is a tough time of year for guys like me who hate sports. There's nothing on the TV except sports. At least out here in the boonies.

So I can choose between Pittsburgh-Rangers, Montreal-Ottawa, Raps-Wizards, and I've even got an OHL game to follow between Erie and the Soo.

When there's that many choices, I simply can't make a choice, so I've been madly surfing back and forth to follow everything.

That's just way too stressful. How I pine for the days of a two channel universe.

Why do we automatically assume that having lots of choices is a good thing?

It's pure hell!

Those Israeli submarines and the perfect false flag attack

We all know that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, a plucky little peace-loving isle of Western values surrounded by blood-thirsty towel-heads.

We also know that Israel has taken delivery of a number of nuclear-capable state of the art submarines from Germany.

Furthermore, we know that historically the top leadership in Israel is not averse to launching false flag attacks on her allies in order to achieve her long-term goals.

With the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and her supporting cast hanging around off Yemen, wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity for the perfect false flag attack?

After all, that US - Iran love-fest around the nuke talks needs to be scuttled.

Is the greatest leader since Moses up to the job?

Canada's stunning hypocrisy on Children and Armed Conflict

There is no nation among the Nations of Virtue more virtuous than Canada. For a wee insight into just how great we are, just check out the leading role Canada has played in protecting children the world over from being used as pawns in armed conflict.

Makes you proud to be a Canadian, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, those warm fuzzies fly out the window pretty fast when you consider the case of Omar Khadr, Canada's very own Canadian child soldier.

Khadr was seriously injured when he was picked up by US forces in Afghanistan at the age of 15. He was tortured, held in Gitmo for ten years, found guilty of war crimes in a kangaroo court, and continues to be imprisoned in Canada.

Today a court ruled that he should be granted bail while his convictions in the Gitmo proceedings are appealed.

That was a red flag for the Harper gang. All that posturing about the rights of children was apparently just that; posturing.

According to our Government, the 15 year old child soldier Omar Khadr was guilty of "heinous war crimes," and they will be appealing the bail decision forthwith.

That's utterly disgusting.