Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pot-addled hillbilly screwed now that baseball season is over

Well, I guess it's not over if you're an Indians fan.

Speaking of which, did you hear about the Canadian do-gooders who went to court to prevent MLB using the term "Indians" and the Chief Wahoo logo?

They lost. Cleveland's MLB team are still the Indians, and their mascot is still that fake Indian chief.

I was surprised at the loss. MLB must have sent some pretty high-powered pinch-hitting lawyers up here to make that happen.

I get the point of the do-gooders; that buck-toothed Indian chief is derogatory in every way.

Here's my problem.

Native Canadians have had the dirty end of the stick for about 400 years.

When the do-gooders score a symbolic victory like getting the Cleveland Indians to change their name or drop their mascot, a lot of well-meaning people figure, hey, the work is done!

These symbolic victories take the pressure off governments to do anything meaningful.

So the Cleveland MLB team changes their name, they get a new mascot, and everything is happy happy except that the vast majority of North American native people still live in sub-standard housing, still have sub-standard health care and education, and still have incarceration rates and suicide rates that should make every social justice warrior blush.

But nobody sees that shit anymore because, hey looky here!... what a great symbolic victory we just won over Chief Wahoo and the dominant white racist culture.


Anyway, for a Toronto sports fan I guess we've got the Leafs to look forward to...

And those Blackhawks.

Jays done

Gotta admit I didn't join the Jays till the 8th. No, the sunlight streaming onto the front stoop was just too much of an attraction.

I had a choice.

Watch the sun set over the far ridge behind Bass Lake...

Or watch the sun set on the Blue Jays.

Turned out I got to watch both sunsets.

Hey, maybe next year!...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

There'll be nothing "sunny" about Canada's deployment of "peacekeepers" to Mali

Regular readers will already know that the think tank here at Falling Downs has their money on Mali being the destination of choice for Justin's yet-to-be-announced peace-keeper mission.

We came to that conclusion after a careful analysis of the Canadian-owned gold mines per capita stats in various African nations.

Ya, I know that might seem a bit cynical. Hey, maybe PM Sunny Ways has a new formula. If so, please let the public see that new formula!

I'm personally expecting more of the Harper era not-so-sunny tie-in between our investors and our peace-keepers.


A once proud and prosperous region of Africa rendered a shit-hole by the Nations of Virtue.

The beating heart of colonialism lives on via France's involvement there, according to the commies at the World Socialist Website.

Oddly enough, the beating heart of colonialism also keeps on beating there according to the neo-fascists at the John Birch Society.

When the far left and the far right agree that Mali is a nation fucked over big-time by the former colonisers, I'm ready to buy in.

Obviously, PM Sunny Days is too... but just what is he buying into!

For my (tax) money, I'd rather see those "peacekeepers" up in Attawapiskat building some decent housing or something...

Or maybe some flood barriers in Winnipeg...

Or some social housing in Toronto, where the minimum wage has you making under two thousand a month before deductions and a one bedroom apartment will set you back... about what you just made that month!

Too bad about the groceries and all that other shit... hey, not to worry; that's why we have such a nice network of foodbanks!

Come to think of it, we've got all kinds of shit right here at home that our money and manpower could address, instead of spreading more colonialist goodness in Africa.

This amigo presides over a failed state

When the wildly over-hyped "Three Amigos Summit" played out in Ottawa last summer, the news consuming public was treated to a tsunami of bullshit about how great NAFTA has been for all concerned and how photogenic the two most recently elected amigos were.

We haven't heard much about Mexico since, probably because when you spend virtually all your news resources smearing one Donald J. Trump, there's really not much room left in the schedule to broadcast actual news.

Frankly, I had no idea that three Catholic priests were murdered in Mexico in September in the space of a week, or that fifteen priests have been murdered in the past four years, until I accidentally stumbled over the story at the Guardian. But I sure was acquainted with Mr. Trump's potty-mouth, which has been by far the biggest story in American media for the past few months.

That British website certainly indulges ample anti-Trump fear-mongering on its own account, but at least they still find the energy to report other stories.

That's quite an interesting stat plopped in there near the end; over 97% of crime in Mexico is either never reported or never investigated. A further stat the story doesn't mention; of the less than 3% of crimes reported and investigated, over 90% are never solved.

Those are failed-state kind of numbers, are they not?

Monday, October 17, 2016

What's new in the "war on terror?"

Well, the good guys are about to put the boots to the bad guys in Mosul.

And that's a good thing, of course!

Read around a bit and you'll find plenty of stories that claim thousands of Mosul jihadis have already been spirited to Raqqa in Syria. By the US allies.

Yup, no point killing them in Iraq if they can be useful in making regime change in Syria,

I suspect the Mosul operation will go swimmingly well.

The Raqqa operation, not so much.

Why America's "Deep State" cannot allow a Trump win

It's all about Putin.

Trump is on the record more than once claiming he wants to "get along" with the evil dictator.

Consider the ramifications.

If America were to get along with Putin, that would put paid to the Russia-USA rivalry.

Good-bye Carlyle Group shareholder value, and many others as well.

What's going to happen to the fabulous Lockheed-Martin F-35 boondoggle when people realize it's a boondoggle?

If America didn't have to spend trillions on imaginary military solutions to imaginary problems, America might be able to afford health care and housing for her veterans.

Any candidate who calls out this great boondoggle will of course be roundly vilified by the establishment that stands to lose everything if the American people sniff out this scam that's been funded by their tax dollars since forever.

That's why Trump can't be allowed to win in November.

And if he does, he'll meet an unfortunate plane crash or a random shooter before January.

Welcome to Amy Schumer's "I'm with her" comedy tour

Amy obviously got the memo.

When you've got the right management team and the right publicists and the right promo machinery in place, you're gonna get the memo. Not only that, but you're going to get gigs.

That memo led Amy to conclude that a joke, if it can be called that, about Trump wanting to finger his daughter, would be a great laffer at her Tampa show the other day.

Didn't quite turn out that way.

There's gonna be poly-sci and journalism students writing dissertations for the next fifty years about how the "news business" uniformly took an anti-Trump pro-Clinton tack in this election, a reality that nobody can deny.

Any regular reader of this blog knows what I think about Trump. Two years ago I had him taking the number two slot in a possible Jindal White House run. Come to think of it, that may well have been a viable team. Just imagine an East Indian guy and a Manhattan liberal on the GOP ticket! That would have been a slam dunk!


At least not on the GOP ticket.

Anyway, it didn't happen. But this concerted media evisceration of the GOP candidate is completely unprecedented.

On my evening CBC newscast today I got oodles of info on the latest Trump controversy, which at this particular moment seems to be about his claiming the elections are rigged.

Ask Al Gore about that one.

But there's nary a word about those thousands of Podesta emails that have been dumped in the public square, which, if nothing else, demonstrate that the team around Hillary is more than happy to game the system.

Amy and her ilk need to take a cold hard look at who they're campaigning for.

When they come to their senses they'll realize Jill Stein wasn't such a bad idea after all.