Sunday, November 29, 2015

The perfect gun for hunting Christmas shoppers in the malls of Europe

I'm a little surprised about the low profile that Italian story about the 800 Winchester shotguns has managed to maintain.

Even habitual fear-mongering sites like Britain's Daily Mail are soft pedalling the terror angle, stressing instead the fact that the Winchester Defender, (three shotgun blasts in under half a second) is not a potential terror tool, but a "hunting gun."


And the fact that this shipment originated in Turkey, with a proven history of supporting terrorism, and was heading to Belgium, hotbed of ISIS sympathizers and acolytes, raises scarcely a note of concern?...


Italian police intercept 800 of these on way to Belgium

SXP Extreme Defender
That sure is one amazing story about those 800+ Winchester Defenders found in the back of a truck on their way from Turkey to Belgium.

The story doesn't seem to be getting much traction. Maybe that's because these are "hunting" guns and would therefore be of no interest to the ISIS terrorist types we've been hearing so much about in Belgium? Or maybe it's because Turkey is in the throes of a much bigger ISIS gun-running scandal? Official government spokes-people claim the sale was entirely legit, but those folks say a lot of stuff...

Does anybody wonder why a legitimate dealer would buy these guns in Turkey when Winchester's corporate owners, the Herstal Group, also has factories in Belgium?

I'd like to see some enterprising investigative reporter in Turkey connect the dots on this tale, but that would ensure a very premature retirement in the current climate.

You don't imagine the wily Erdogan's minions shipped these off with a shrug and a wink knowing full well they were headed to Belgium's renowned black market in illegal firearms, do you?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Trump; the big picture

America should not be surprised that Donald Trump, real estate billionaire and reality TV veteran big-shot, continues to hog the spot-light in the on-going reality show known as the 2016 US election.

After all, the think tank here at Falling Downs has been giving America the heads up for years.

Once "democracy" becomes a reality show, it's only right and proper that an experienced reality show survivor hogs the headlines...

And how about those prescient producers of that famously prescient film "Idiocracy," who so deftly caricatured Trump in the character of Dwayne Camacho?

Trump. Leader of the Free World.

Where nobody has a chance but everybody has a gun.

What could go wrong?

Most important news of the week

I see where Vanity Fair has devoted a few column inches to the question of who Selena Gomez might be dating next.

This is big stuff. After all, she's been known to two-time none other than the great Biebs, and pop-tart news is a more than filling fill-in for real news in Vanity Fair these days.

While idle minds speculate over who Selena might be dating next, there are actually really important things going on in the real world...

Like "Putin's aggression" for example.

Not content with annexing Crimea, he seems intent on annexing Syria next.

Maybe he has his annexation eye on Turkey as well.

You never know with Putin.

Just like you never know with Selena Gomez.

When we allow international relations to become a side-bar to relationships among "teen idols," we get what we deserve.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

If you have seen these men, please call the RCMP... NOW!

RCMP are seeking help identifying these two men, who were observed near the Rogers Centre 'exhibiting suspicious behaviour.'

Yup, coupla brownish dudes were spotted by a vigilant citizen in the vicinity of Roger's Centre last summer. Said citizen, operating on the "see something, say something" plan, duly reported that they had seen something.

The Mounties have had a crack anti-terror squad on the case ever since.

Alas, they've not made any headway, which is why they're appealing to the public months after the fact.

I've had occasion to visit that part of town from time to time, and frankly, if you're gonna call the terror hot-line every time you see a couple of brownish dudes... well, that's gotta be one busy hot-line.

For my money, I'm thinking that's a couple of Jays making their way to the game they played that afternoon. Looks like Stroman and Encarnation if you ask me. Hard to tell when they're outta uniform.

Probably subbed down from their Bridle Path mansions and are just walking in from Union Station.

Kathleen Wynne fires up bong, decides medicinal marijuana users can light up anytime, anywhere

Well hallelujah! Ontario pot-heads yesterday won the right to fire up them (medicinal) fatties anywhere... it's friggin' medicine after all! Y'all are free to smoke your (medicinal) weed anywhere you'd take an aspirin!

And that's pretty much anywhere, near as I can tell!

In the waiting room at your dentist's office. At your next parent-teacher meeting. In the grocery store. In church. In court. While driving down the 401 at 140 clicks...

Alas, what sounds too good to be true usually is.

Wynne and her advisers came down from their buzz in the early hours this morning, took a look at the headlines in the morning papers, and shrieked a collective "WHAT THE FUCK DID WE JUST DO!?!?"

They've been in climb-down mode all day.

And that's probably a good thing.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Charbonneau Commission piddles away 45 millions to discover Hells Angels and Mafia control construction industry


It's certainly good to see that the think tank here at Falling Downs isn't the only site sceptical about the Charbonneau Commission.

Frankly, we lost all faith in the Commission when they pulled that Donnie Brasco stunt. Yup, here's this government inquiry into corruption in the Quebec construction industry, and they pay to fly in this guy who wrote a memoir about his time in the New York City Mafia?

Thirty years ago???

That's when we knew the Charbonneau Commission was guilty of what they were accusing everybody else of; sucking too hard on the government teat.

But yes, they did manage to stretch things out for four long and lucrative years, and they did manage to shine the spotlight on those mostly irrelevant corners of "corruption" wherein some bikers and some Italian guys might have made a bit of pocket change.

Those are the folks who made it into the headlines now that the final report has been released.

The SNC Lavalin guys and Arthur Porter, both vetted at the highest levels in the PMO, who scammed the system beyond the wildest and greediest dreams of those Italian guys and the bikers, are totally lost in the fine print.

Nice cover-up, Madame Charbonneau!

And nice job stretching a redundant "inquiry" out to four long years and $45 millions!

I say we need another inquiry to get to the bottom of the Charbonneau inquiry...