Thursday, March 26, 2015

Canada "under siege" by ISIL

I was driving home this afternoon after taking the Stihl to the chain-saw doctor, when the CBC news comes on, and I hear that Canada is under siege.

Yup, apparently the towel-heads of terror, ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State are besieging us...

Holy shit!

Is even safe to head home?

Should I turn back and head for the Bayshore Inn and hunker down till the siege is broken?

Under siege...

That conjures up images of the Warsaw ghetto... Stalingrad... oh my God, it's gotta be bad if we're under siege!

Against my better judgement, I continued homeward! Luckily, I did not encounter any toweller check-points along the way.


Guess I missed the bullet this time!

Hmm... maybe we're not actually under any ISIL siege after all.

Maybe we're just besieged by Harperite bullshit designed to stir us up and put some fear into us... loosen us up to vote Conservative in the upcoming election.

After all, it's only the Harper gang that recognizes the imminent threat that the radical Jihadists represent.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicago Bulls beat Yemen and the Raps

Tonight I was following the Bulls-Raptors game on the TV while simultaneously following the Saudi assault on Yemen on my laptop.

The Raps played a good three periods and then gave the game away.


Meanwhile, things were taking a turn for the worse over in our worst nightmare, the Middle East.

Yemen has been a long-time recipient of cutting edge US nurturing for a long time, which is why the country is in the process of going down the shitter even as I write these words.

Yemen has been the testing ground for American theories of anti-terrorism warfare, and also the testing ground for the latest in drone tech innovations.

So Yemen owes America a huge debt of gratitude.

How that will play out remains to be seen.

And here's an aside from court-side; I only very recently put two and two and Noah together to figure out that the dude with the impressive man-bun is the spawn of Yannick, the tennis dude you used to see all over the top tennis tournaments twenty-five years ago.

But back to Yemen. The "legitimate" government is a made-in-USA propaganda exercise.

Opposition has come to mean the Houti/Shia/Iran nexus...

Oh lookee, we got us another proxy war in the Middle East!

The war profiteers are ramping up production; both sides will need to be re-supplied!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Steve; Warrior King

It's becoming way too obvious that Steven Harper is prepping up to present himself as the "Warrior King" in the next election, coming up in a mere six months or less.

The one year extension to the Iraq mission, expanding into Syria by the way, and expanding to boots-on-the-ground at the next expansion, is a one year expansion for good reason. It forces Mulcair and Trudeau to fight the next election on the Warrior King's turf.

Right off the bat, the opposition are up against it. It would tremendously empower them if the escalation went badly for Canadian troops... but you'd be dead in the water if you were ever suspected of wishing our troops ill just to improve your chances in the political arena.

In effect, Harper is using our brave men and women in uniform as a political pawn.

And he's moving them into position just in time for campaign season.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Son of Hells Angels big released by mistake

Well, I guess this is what's known in the criminal justice system as an "oopsie."

I'm not too concerned.

If Junior has even half the integrity of his dear daddy, he's got way more than the typical Canadian senator.

About Canada's "expanded role into Syria"

The think tank here at Falling Downs wants to go on the record:


No expanded role into Syria.

Nor should we have had any role whatsoever in Iraq.

And Afghanistan was a mistake from the moment General Hillier promised to take out the murdering scumbags.

The General Command types were bursting with pride over our glorious contribution to the NATO war on Libya.

How has that turned out for the Libyan people?

Expanded role in Syria?


No role in Syria. We can't roll back the mistakes we already made, but we can stop making the same mistakes again and again...

Terrorists or drug-addled 'tards? Latest Canadian terror case goes to the jury

With friends like John Nuttall and Amanda Kordory, ISIS really doesn't need enemies.

According to this story at the Globe and Mail, the RCMP entrapment team had a hunch they were dealing with retards. Not only were the retards retarded, they were heroin addicts!

Well, full steam ahead then!

Frankly, I think everyone on that entrapment team should be ashamed of themselves.

Why feel empathy for the weakest links in society when you can, at great expense, set them up as patsies in yet another terror sting?

Because Big Steve needs terror threats to take the eyes of the electorate off the faltering economy, and also because all these self-radicalized retarded people make it plain that every patriotic Canadian should give up what's left of their rights to the odious Bill C-51 Police State legislation.

Ted "the Canuck" Cruz declares 2016 White House run!

It's about time the 2016 campaign got a little wind in its sails... I was starting to worry I wouldn't have anything to write about for the next year and a half.

Look at yesterday; basketball and weather?... that's desperation!

But aye laddie, 'tis an ill wind fills those sails. It'll be interesting to see if a candidate emerges to the right of the Canuck. (Cruz was in fact deported from the Socialist State of Canada at the age of four because of his "incompatible reactionary tendencies," according to secret RCMP files on the matter.)

Check out his bona fides:

On Iran: nuke 'em.

On Israel: God's chosen people.

On abortion: no way.

On Obamacre: no way; if God had wanted poor people to have health care He wouldn't let them get sick.

On America: Cruz promises to "make America great again!"

Now hold on a minute there Ted.... whadya mean again? That sounds a bit unpatriotic. Don't you know that America has only 5 % of the world's population but 30% of the world's billionaires and THE BIGGEST MILITARY BUDGET IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY!!!

That sounds pretty darn great to me!