Friday, November 28, 2014

Pot-addled blogger beats the esteemed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to his Ferguson analysis by three months

Paul Craig Roberts published an essay today decrying the common phenomenon of police using overwhelming force as their first and only tool in responding to any emergency.

We made the same point here more than three months ago.

Not that it's an original idea. Cop culture has morphed into something quite toxic over the past couple of decades; not that it didn't always have an undercurrent of toxicity.

What's happened is that undercurrent has become the mainstream in police culture. There are endless dissertations waiting to be written as to why that's happened.

But a particularly intriguing angle might be to look at the dialectic between popular culture and law enforcement. The "entertainment industry" has been instrumental in preparing the American psyche for the police state.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ezra Levant victimized by anti-Semitic Canadian legal system

Poor Ezra.

Well, at least after this he'll be a little poorer than before.

Canada's wannabe answer to Fox News, the Postmedia Network, has been grooming the hapless Levant for years to become Bill O'North.

It just ain't been happening, and the reason it ain't been happening is that virtually nobody tunes in the obnoxious turd.

Hopefully nobody at Sun TV or the bankrupt parent company is foolish enough to fund an appeal, in which case we owe Khurram Awan a huge debt of gratitude for helping rid the public square of this anti-Arab, anti-Indian hate-monger.

FHRITP and the renaissance of Western masculinity

Oh dear! It's not a pretty thing, this renaissance.

Apparently the metro-sexuals are out, and the boorish yobs are in.

I'd heard nothing of this "trend" until I read CBC reporter Chris O'Neill-Yates' sad tale of being abused by an aficionado of the FHRITP fad.

Nice job boys!

You're reclaiming the ground you lost during the last 50 years of the feminist dictatorship that you blame for the fact that you still live in your parents' basement.

Keep it up, and you'll soon be as manly as those mobs of men in Kenya who rip the clothes off women they deem "inappropriately" attired.

Or those manly macho men in Egypt who like to molest women in those demonstrations for democracy.

You may even achieve the super-hero status of your boorish misogynist brethren in India, who are empowering themselves by gang-raping vulnerable women on public transit!

What a sad and despicable spectacle.

Ms. O'Neill-Yates' article has attracted over 1200 comments as I write this. What is truly disturbing is how many commentators seem to think the problem lies with her "over-reaction."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Relax folks; the "banksters" and the "super-rich" aren't going to kill themselves any time soon...

There's a lot of scary theories out and about these days.

The super-rich are going to collapse fiat currency.

Of course they are!

Because they want to lose their multi-million dollar homes in Zug and Manhattan and on the Bridle Path and in Mayfair.

Because every hedgie secretly wants to start over as a butcher or a shoe-maker in a barter economy.

I'm guessing once you get into the upper echelons of the big banks and brokerage houses pretty much everybody you talk to will be gung ho for the status quo.

Theories about collapsing the dollar economy will be as welcome as a fart in the confessional.

Bwana and the Darkies; Ottawa plays hardball with First Nations

Just about everything in this story grates.

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act was an odious bit of racist presumption that subjects Canada's First Nations to a far higher standard of conduct than Ottawa itself is subject to.

The intent was to humiliate First Nations by exposing their fiscal ineptitude, their avarice, and their propensity for corruption.

The Harperites hoped that their water-carriers in the right-wing media, scum like Ezra Levant, would be able use the inevitable embarrassing revelations as fodder for anti-Indian hate-mongering in perpetuity.

The Act has had mixed results. Overall, the First Nations have been shown to have at least as much fiscal responsibility as what we find in the political machinery of the colonists. Yes, there have been a few scandals, but overall, not much to write home about.

So now we see this "hardball" headline in the Toronto Star. The implication is that these 80 nations that have not yet bowed to the dictates of the First Nations Transparency Act must obviously be the worst of the worst!

Therefore, it's now up to Massah to play "hardball."

What a disgusting display of abusive language; the people who have all the power threaten to play "hardball" with those who have none.

And this from a government that never tires of pointing fingers at various imagined human rights miscreants around the world.

Canada's Minister of Perpetual Indignation delivers stern scolding to Erdogan

The wily Erdogan, Turkish PM cum Pres, has been warned. While it may be tempting to dismiss the ever-condemnatory Baird as a lightweight on the world stage, it is a well known fact that the Canadians relentlessly talk above their weight.

The comments by Erdogan re: gender equality presumably drew the wrath of FM Baird because, as hundreds of DFA press releases bear witness, Canada is busier than busy saving women and girls all over the world, except of course on Canadian Indian reservations, but that's another story.

And Baird is obviously serious. Check this out;

“Canada notes with great concern the comments reportedly made today by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he appeared to call into question equality between women and men.
“Such remarks would run contrary to basic international human rights standards and international laws and conventions, as well as equality rights that are explicitly enshrined in, and protected by, the Turkish constitution.

Wow! Notice how Baird feints with "basic international rights standards," throws a couple of probing jabs with international rights and conventions, and then drives home the knock-out punch, hoisting Erdogan from the petard of his own constitution!
Brilliantly played, Mr. Baird! A truly stellar performance! Hopefully Erdogan will have many a sleepless night pondering the error of his ways.
But here's what I can't figure out; Baird likes to visit his pals in the Saudi royal family a couple of times a year, and NEVER do we hear a hint of opprobrium, a note of concern, or a stern scolding about their beheadings, their anti-queer culture, their anti-female laws, their generally repressive society that makes Turkey look like a hippie paradise... heck, even caveman Erdogan is OK with women driving cars!
As much as I admire Mr. Baird, I find his inconsistency disturbing.
You don't suppose this ten billion dollar defence contract between Canada and Saudi could be the cat that's got his tongue, do you?

Monday, November 24, 2014

What we're not watching while we're watching Ferguson in flames

There are no stats on how often white cops have shot down Black Americans.

Nobody knows...

Suffice to say, this is not the first time.

But it should make you wonder why this time, whether it's more or less than 1,756,342, it's getting this massive media attention.

To the think tank here at Falling Downs, it looks like a "public spectacle" that's been cooked up by various levels of government, with the full connivance of the usual social justice entrepreneurs like Reverend Al, et al.

And of course, the main stream media are all aboard, as they inevitably are in every government initiative designed to take your eye off the ball.

Here are just a few stories we're not seeing while we're focussed on this completely routine cop-killing that has mysteriously hogged the spotlight for months:
Those are but four stories we're ignoring, and there are many more from Ukraine to Libya to the farthest reaches of the American Empire, that Americans ignore at their peril.