Wednesday, May 27, 2015

US smites FIFA just as FIFA gets ready to toss Israel

There's been rumours aplenty for at least 25 years that the FIFA aristocracy is open to being "influenced" by cold hard cash from supplicants who may be interested in hosting a World Cup.

Until yesterday, nobody has acted on those rumours. It's been business as usual all the way. Then, the dramatic take-down in Switzerland.

You don't think the timing of this take-down had anything to do with FIFA's plans to suspend the Holy Land, do you?

Apparently Israel's banishment was to be the top item on the agenda at that FIFA meeting that was so rudely interrupted by the forces of law and order.

And isn't it more than a little suspicious that the instigator of this take-down would be the USA, a mere bit player in world football?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Lord smites Texas



Sgt Swanton has provoked the wrath of the Almighty.

Be sure your sins will find you out...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Warriors done without Curry

Mind you, they're getting back in the game.

Without Curry.

I've for a long time held that when the big dog stumbles, there's always lots of second liners ready to step in.

That's true if you're talking about ISIS or Hamas or the Leafs or the Warriors.

It's Sociology 101.

Dallas Morning News clears up mysteries surrounding Waco biker massacre

Read it for yourself.

It was a set-up from the beginning.

The Bandidos were somehow colluding with the police to burn the Cossacks.

According to the Dallas Morning News, their sources "largely corroborate" the police story.


Not at all.

Sgt. Swanton was unambiguous in claiming the mayhem started inside the restaurant, not in the parking lot, in his first presser ninety minutes after the fact. He claimed that he'd never seen such carnage in his lengthy career as he'd seen in that restaurant.

In that restaurant.

That's what he said.

So yesterday the Dallas Morning News comes up with a yarn that sources the genesis of the massacre in the parking lot, and then goes on to claim their story corroborates the official police line.

I've got a suggestion that might help clear the air.

Release all the CCTV video that is currently being suppressed by the Waco Police Department.

Release the autopsy results. How many of the bikers were felled by police-issue ammo?

If Sgt. Swanton has been truthful, I want to apologize for casting aspersions on his proclamations.

If he hasn't, I want to know why this story has disappeared.

Either way, we deserve to know the truth.

Why the news blackout on the Waco biker massacre?

When a kid in Ferguson Mo. was gunned down by police last year, the gatekeepers of the news made a point of keeping the (non) story in the headlines for weeks. It's a non story because unarmed youths being gunned down by cops in America is no biggie.

But this was. We heard Ferguson this and Ferguson that for weeks and months.

Somebody in the corridors of power in the news biz made that decision.

Eight days ago nine bikers were shot dead by Waco police under circumstances that bear no resemblance to the official police story.

For some reason, the story has completely disappeared.

That's because the gatekeepers of the news biz have made a decision to bury the story.


Steve Blaney - what an idiot!

What the hell is a "Public Safety Minister" anyway? Does not that title in itself imply that all the other Ministers are reckless of public safety? It reminds me of the local school board coming up with the extremely well-paid sinecure of "Superintendent of Student Success." Were all the other extremely well-paid superintendents devoting themselves to student failure?

Anyway, Blaney is deemed newsworthy today because he was busy flogging the make-Canada-a-police-state Bill C-51 in front of a Senate Committee.

Apparently we can't have prosperity without security. This is somehow proved by the fact that ten kids from Quebec were turned back last week on their mission to help Islamic State remove the evil Assad from power.

Seems to me we've got two completely distinct issues here.



I remember a time when Canada enjoyed both. At the same time.

That was long before we sold our souls in dubious "free trade" agreements of course.

And long before we enjoyed the ministrations of a "Public Safety Minister."

Blaney seems to imply that today we don't have prosperity because we're not sufficiently gung-ho about applauding the latest improvements to the police state apparatus.

Not sure what place those ten Quebec teens have in the equation...

After all, they just want to help Islamic State dislodge the evil tyrant Assad from power. Both Big Steve and former FM John Baird told us time and again how important it was to finish that job.

But suddenly these teens who are voluntarily heading into theatre on their own dime to do just that are terrorists?

And the Harper gang need new security measures to keep them in check?

This simply does not add up.

Harper's Canada - first among sycophants

Less than 24 hours after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter declared his disappointment in Iraqi troops, Canadian Defence Minister Jason Kenney announced that he felt the same way!

What a coincidence! Talk about being on the same page! One suspects they are literally on the same page, and that the actual sheet of paper containing Carter's talking points was couriered to Kenney's office immediately after that CNN interview.

The Harperite strategy of reflexive ass-kissing can leave Big Steve in the lurch at times. For example, in trying to impress the big boys in the Beltway with the sincerity of our anti-Iran rhetoric, former FM Bullshittin' Baird closed our Iranian embassy. There! That'll teach 'em!

So two years later the Yanks are making kissy-face with the Persians, and Big Steve is outside the tent with his pecker in his hand.

Same with Ukraine. We had it pegged over a year ago here at Falling Downs; Why nobody's going to war over Ukraine. What's happening today? Nuland and Kerry were just over paying their respects to Putin, and apparently the word "Crimea" didn't even come up.

Which kinda leaves Big Steve and the Canadian Forces on their own in driving back the Russians.

Or not.