Tuesday, August 4, 2015

REVEALED! Obama's Syria policy run by retards!

Check it out.

ABC gives you the straight scoop about what's happened to the first batch of "moderate rebels" that the US has trained up, at a cost of half a billion dollars.

Most international news sites have had this story for a couple of days, but it's finally found its way to America.

This program to train "moderate" Syrian rebels was supposed to have had 5,000 graduates by now.

They've had 54.

And if you read around a little, it quickly becomes apparent that all 54 are by now dead or have joined up with the bad guys...

Because nobody could see that coming!

And of course they've taken their training and their state-of-the-art US supplied weapons along with them.

Heads should roll, but instead, you'll get a whole wagonload of bullshit about terror and terrorism and terrorists and, by the way, this fight against terrorists might need American boots on the ground after all...

Just for a while.

Consider the billionaire

We hear a lot about billionaires these days.

Billionaire Donald Trump is leading the polls in the US presidential race.

Billionaire Koch brothers have committed to spending a billion dollars on the 2016 campaign.

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson perpetually maintains a far right stable of politicians in both Israel and the US.

So what is a "billionaire" and why do they so consistently favour right wing politicians?

Although Obama has made some noises about raising the minimum wage, it remains at $7.25 an hour. The millions of Americans making that minimum wage earn about $15,000 a year if they have the good fortune of working full time.

When an American worker works full time for minimum wage, they won't make a million dollars even if they start at age 15 and work till they're 70.

A thousand of those workers, working full time from age 15 to age 70, will not add up to a billion dollars.

Here's a guy who made more money last year than a thousand of those workers will make in their entire lives, even if they start at 15 and keep the pedal to the metal till they're 70.

Yup, that would be hedgie Steve Cohen, who made 1.3 billions last year. Oddly enough, that was kind of an off year for him. Steve has had a run of rotten luck with SEC investigations and that kind of stuff.

And what does Steve do in order to merit more money in one year than a thousand drool-wipers and diaper changers working in old-age homes across America will earn in their lifetimes?

He and his peers are the new Rumpelstiltskins.

They spin straw into gold.

Sometimes they do it by taking over companies and parting them out. The manufacturing part goes to China. The union contracts go into Chapter 11. The pension plans go into their pockets.

It's a winning formula!

Sometimes they do it via brazen paper shuffling with derivatives so complicated that it takes a team of math doctorates to figure them out.

That's the Rumpelstiltskin economy.

Now to be fair, not all billionaires have been paper shufflers. Those Koch boys actually run a real conglomerate that does real stuff and employs quite a lot of real people. They  have committed themselves to spending a billion dollars to make sure a billionaire-friendly candidate makes it to the White House in 2016.

That's the equivalent of the lifetime earnings of a thousand low wage workers, pressed into service for one election.

You can call that a lot of things, but you cannot call it democracy.

Canadian business to be shut out of Iran's rebuilding bonanza thanks to John Baird

Executives from companies across Europe, from Asia, and from the US are preparing for a business bonanza as sanctions on Iran are lifted.

But thanks to the buffoonish reign of error of former Foreign Minister Baird, it's unlikely Canadian companies are going to be getting a significant piece of the action. Baird never missed an opportunity to slander and antagonize the Tehran government, culminating in the abrupt shuttering of the Canadian embassy three years ago.

Look at the areas in which Iran plans to invest billions: oil and gas infrastructure, rebuilding the country's airlines, mining and steel-making infrastructure - all sectors in which Canadian companies have considerable expertise. And with the Canadian economy in the tank, Iran could have been a lifeline for companies from Bombardier to SNC Lavalin to dozens of mining and energy contractors.

Billions of dollars worth of contracts will instead go to countries that maintained a civilized dialogue with the Iranians and kept their embassies open in spite of their differences.

That's called "diplomacy," and it is something most countries expect of their Foreign Ministers.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Police suspect British Prime Minister was pedophile

That's the sort of headline that grabs your eye.

I'm sure British Police "suspected" it fifty years ago.

Why does the story only come out now?

If you're not buying your kid a new laptop every year, you're obviously a negligent parent

That's my take-away from this headline at USA Today; Back to school: picking the right laptop.

Hey, if you picked the right laptop last year, you don't need a new one this year! In fact, if you pick the right laptop, it should pretty much see Junior through a four year degree!

If it doesn't, I'd say you picked the wrong laptop.

Funny how this kind of presumed acceptance of planned obsolescence is now taken for granted by the folks who are planning the obsolescence.

Of course the most important back-to-school purchase is that new laptop!

Do you want your kid to be the only one in the class with last year's laptop?

What kind of negligent parent are you anyway?

What will their friends think?

What's gonna happen to Junior's self-esteem?

Hell, once they see what a loser parent you are, what are your friends gonna think?

This USA Today story is a perfect example of industry propaganda being passed off as "news."

It's propaganda for the industry in general and for Apple in particular.

It's bullshit from top to bottom and end to end.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Even Bloomberg recognizes that Koch brothers are dirtbags

The cover of the November 2011 issue of Bloomberg Markets

Here's a cover from Bloomberg Markets circa 2011.

And that's not all. Guess who's behind the big push for that Keystone pipeline? Those Canadian tar sludge developments are as much about Koch as they are about Canada.

So those GOP contenders who weren't invited to the shindig in California this weekend should see that as a badge of honour.
There's plenty more out there; keep reading!

Ted Nugent defends Cecil the lion kill

Of course he would!

Terrible Ted is a legitimate big-game hunter in his own right.

There's never been anything wrong with that as far as I can recall. It's never been one of my hobbies, but then again, serious big-game hunting takes serious dollars, and I've had neither the dollars nor the interest in killing stuff that would be required to pursue such a hobby.

But both Ted and that dentist from Minnesota obviously have both the money and the love for that sport. There's nothing wrong with that. These guys generally have extreme respect for nature and wildlife. I know that's not a concept that passes muster in these PC times, but that's the way it is.

The outrage over Cecil comes from well-meaning folks who see a lion as some sort of semi-domesticated near-pet. Animals die in the wild, and their deaths are not necessarily pretty. Cecil actually had a pretty good run.

A much better run than the average cow or pig in America's industrial meat processing system.