Thursday, August 24, 2017

Lawn liberation

Think I'm gonna start a NGO.

The Lawn Liberation Front. Rise up against the tyranny of the lawn!

No, that sounds a little too revolutionary... especially for an NGO.

How about the Lawn Liberation Foundation? Oh ya!

I like the way that rolls off the tongue!

I was pondering this shit whilst pushing the 19" mower back and forth and back and forth across the two acres of lawn that surround my falling down hundred year old pile of bricks that I call home and you know as Falling Downs.

Lawn Liberation Foundation.

Ya, I like it!

Gonna set up a fund-kicker page tomorrow.

Because lawns really are retarded. I'm completely sacrificing at least three hours per week to cutting grass that any number of small animal types would be happy to forage. Back in the day my folks would make this rabbit pen out of wood from used shipping pallets, and every day the bunny cage would be moved over.

You never had to mow the lawn!

And by the end of the summer you had a bunch of plump rabbits.

You know how that ends.

My dear Mom had the best rabbit recipes.

Anyway, I don't think getting a riding mower solves the problem. It's just an enabling technology. The original problem is that a lawn is a waste of space and money. Keeping the lawn while cutting the lawn-cutting time down from three hours a week to three quarters of an hour per week isn't solving the problem.

But it would sure make my life easier.

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