Friday, August 25, 2017

Mayweather vs. McGregor and why I couldn't give a shit

Mayweather vs. McGregor is the fakest fight of all time, being held in the fakest city in the fakest nation on the planet.

This is nothing more than a media production put on by the same folks who brought you Clinton vs. Trump last year. Remember that?

Yes, this is nothing more than a contrived media spectacle, fake from end to end and top to bottom. "The fight everybody is talking about" screams the mainstream press. They're talking about it because you've been ramming it down their gullets for months.

It's like the revelatory headlines revealing that after a year of non-stop doggerel about Trump's Russia connections, 60% of the population believed there was a Trump Russia connection. Of course they do! You've been telling them for a year!

And that's why people are talking about Mayweather vs. McGregor. You've been telling them for months how important it is...

Even my Globe and Mail has had Cathal Kelly on the file writing about nothing else for the past week, although to his credit he has struck a much appreciated tone of scepticism about the entire charade.

Here's my prediction; the most lucrative event in pay per view will be inconclusive and controversial.

They will then have a rematch that will be even more lucrative...

Oh, how I miss Muhammad Ali.


  1. This "fight" takes place this weekend amongst meaningless baseball games, ridiculous pre-season NFL games and sadly, a boring CFL season. What else is "sports media" to write and hype about? Truly a sad, pathetic joke.

  2. And as for Cathal Kelly, arguably the best non-sports "sports" reporter in North America, he has consistently cast a jaded eye over the ridiculous Blue Jay hype this season-correctly. His observations today are no different. And his "turn-of-phrase" in each column is refreshing, comparatively, to his platitude-laden 'sports columnists" contemporaries...