Saturday, September 30, 2017

Wire brushes were my life

You know it's been a slow week news-wise when the most compelling story in your weekend Globe and Mail ($6.30 from the Korean extortionists up here in the boonies) is found in the "Style" section.

Ya, it's a shame they couldn't find more space for a little news from Puerto Rico, but nobody gives a shit about that anyway. At this very moment my sister-in-law Norma is trying to get her mother out of the place. If we're lucky this disaster will re-kindle the PR sovereignty movement, but I'm not holding my breath.

So there on page three of the Globe Style section we meet Alia and Jamil Juma, a brother-sister Canadian (by way of India and Kenya) combo who are setting China on fire with their "Juma" brand of fashion accessories.

Good on them!

I was looking for a wire brush this afternoon. Wanted to brush a bit of the rust and flaking paint off the winter rims on the Subaru that recently joined the fleet here at Falling Downs, before giving them a coat of flat black Tremclad. Do you think I could find a wire brush?


Which is really fucked up. I was a welder for decades. I had wire brushes and chipping hammers out the ying yang, but when I need a wire brush there's not a wire brush to be found.

That Juma story got me thinking. If Alia and Jamil can find a niche in China, maybe I can too! I think it may be time to get serious about the Big Ass Chair Company. Not enough morbidly obese people in China, you say? I figure it's just a matter of time. From what I hear those folks are falling for the North American processed food diet big-time. They equate it with modernity and progress, if such a thing can be imagined. In another few years China's gonna have tons of fatties.

That's why I should get in ahead of the curve, so to speak.

Eventually it would only make sense to move production to China, but in the meantime I could be whipping up a few proto-types right here in the garage. I did have a 220 welding plug put in there when they re-wired the place, and I'd have an ample supply of wire brushes again.

In the event, I finally gave those winter rims a scrub with the BBQ brush.

The Subaru looks great!

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