Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas 10/1... let a thousand conspiracy theories bloom!

Within hours of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting the internet was ramping up with booga booga about what really happened. That's only intensified as we get more information about the alleged shooter.

On the face of it, Stephen Paddock certainly doesn't fit the standard profile of the alienated schmuck who hates his life and wants to get revenge on the world. And why would a well-to-do white senior citizen target a country music show? I thought those guys liked country?

Was the music keeping him up?

That's at least as plausible as a couple of the theories I've seen out there. Like the one where he's an Antifa operative trying to start a race war, for example.  Or alternatively, he's somehow in cahoots with the gun control lobby trying to rile up the public in favour of gun control.

Who comes up with this stuff?

Then there's the innocent dupe theory. Paddock was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A (take your pick) Russian/Mossad/Iranian/North Korean/CIA hit squad needed that room to wreak havoc on America's City of Broken Dreams, and by extension, America itself.


One thing that I'm confident of is that we've only seen the very beginning of theory and countertheory. This will be a rich vein for the conspiratorially inclined to mine for years to come.

Another thing I'm pretty sure of is that the odds of actually getting to the truth diminishes in inverse proportion as the number of competing theories blossoms.

They'll be making hay out of this one for the next twenty years.

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