Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stay Woke: Guardian reveals secret code words of the conspiracy theorists

We owe Jason Wilson, aspiring intern at The Guardian, a debt of gratitude for exposing the secret code words of the alt-right conspiracy types.

No less a conspiracy theorist than Pepe Escobar recently warned me off The Guardian in an email, claiming it's just another formerly decent vaguely leftish rag pushed to desperate measures by the collapse of traditional newspapering.

Sure Pepe... if I can't trust The Guardian...

So here's the REAL TRUTH, according to Jason Wilson. When you see references to crisis actors or the deep state or a false flag operation, you know it's the anti-truth cabal messing with your mind.

Let's unpack Wilson's claims.

Crisis actors. Wilson acknowledges that this is an actual thing, but apparently it's been high-jacked by the conspiratorially inclined to throw shade on the folks working 24/7 to protect us from the evil-doers.

Deep state. This is a term which insinuates a level of control over news and commentary and actual events driven by actors who hide behind official officialdom.

Unofficial officialdom lurks in the background and pulls the strings.

Folks who fall for the "deep state" gambit think Saddam's WMDs were imaginary. They think the official 9/11 investigation was a cover-up. They fall for the narrative, widely promoted by Putin's troll farms, that America is not in fact the virtuous guardian of freedom and democracy that we all know it to be.

What a pathetic bunch of gullible imbeciles!

Oh, and let's not forget "false flag." That's secret code, the etymology of which goes all the way back to the privateer days of the 17th century, for when evil-doers would do evil but pretend somebody else done it.

For example, just google USS Liberty and you'll see how much mileage the antisemitic conspiracy theorists have wrung out of a simple mistake by the IAF.

Well, thanks for the expose, Mr. Wilson...

I'll let Escobar know he got it all wrong about The Guardian.

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