Friday, November 4, 2016

How the Clinton-Trump conspiracy to seize Washington fell apart

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The think-tankers here at Falling Downs had the Clinton-Trump rivalry figured out years ago.

They're not rivals; they're BFFs!

Our ruminations have been confirmed by certain Podesta emails that reveal the Hillary camp was lobbying for Trump to declare for the GOP race long before he did.

That was nothing more than a bit of shit-stirring on the part of the Clintonites. Get their pal Donald into the GOP primaries, just to muck things up.

A funny thing happened on the way to mucking things up.

Trump started winning primaries over the lickspittles the Republican establishment had thrown up.

Neither Donald nor the Clintons ever thought that was a possibility.

But once it happened, Donald immediately saw that there might be more to win here. He's that kind of guy. Winning is everything. What happens the day after... well, that'll be somebody else's problem.

So Alpha Don got a wiff of victory, and instead of deferring to Hillary, per their initial agreement, he's gone full bore for the big prize ever since.

What's driving this is that Trump unexpectedly bored into the massive resentment of the deplorables who have given up on America's promise. They've given up on the American dream because America has betrayed them. That's an America that the establishment media seldom sees and never hears. I'll bet Trump never heard or saw them either until they showed up at his rallies in their thousands.

Four days from now they're going to make him the President of the United States.

What happens then is anybody's guess.

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