Saturday, November 5, 2016

There is only one nation more exceptional than the Exceptional Nation

That would be Canada.

Don't take my word for it. Check out this exceptional scolding of the American electorate by Canada's newspaper of record...

Please don't vote for Trump. Vote for that grovelling toady to the banksters instead. That's something we here in the Great White North can believe in.

You have to love the tone of inherent superiority in that editorial. If there's one thing that marks us as Canadians, it's that all-consuming smugness vis-a-vis the USA.

You may be the Exceptional Nation...

But we're better!

We'd be outraged if the New York Times published an editorial exhorting Canadians not to vote for this or that candidate a week before the next Canadian election, but we can do it because... well, because we're that much more exceptional than you are!

Canadian media in general and the Globe and Mail in particular have neglected Canadian news to make room for acres of wildly biased coverage of the US election. Today the Globe found several pages worth of space to devote to the many connections that the Clinton machine has to Canada. The decision makers at the Globe seem to take a perverse pride in the fact that a mining financier from Vancouver is the single largest individual donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Yup, billionaire Frank Giustra has personally gifted over $100 millions to various Clinton "charities," and is so tight with big Bill that he'll loan him the use of his personal jet whenever Bill needs a lift. The fact that tin-pot tyrants in shit-hole statelets the world over shower Giustra with lucrative mining concessions after he shows up with Bill Clinton is just a happy coincidence!

Oddly enough, on the very day that the Globe publishes this paean to Clintonian virtue, the New York Times publishes this scathing take-down of Canada's mining industry.

We've got way more than that to be embarrassed about.

Let's get our own house in order before we tell our neighbours who they should or should not be voting for.

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