Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The view from Avenue Road

The view from our Avenue Road apartment will be a lot different than the views we enjoy here at Falling Downs. Here we've got an escarpment view from every window. There we'll enjoy the view of the side of the building next door. Unless we get that place on the ninth floor, where we'd have a view clear to the lake...

At least until the next wave of condo towers splash ashore along Lakeshore...

Me and the Farm Manager spent the last couple of days in Toronto visiting with Junior and some of the other juniors. Junior is in res at U of T and one of the others has an apartment ten minutes away on St. George Street. When I say "ten minutes" I'm talking walking. We found a three bed place just around the corner on Avenue Road that clocks in at under two thou per month.

We figure we'll rent the master with ensuite to a deserving U of T grad student for $900, and we've got two beds and a bathroom left for around a thousand a month. That's some pretty cheap living for downtown Toronto!

Heck, you could buy a one bed condo in that neighbourhood and even after you shell out half a million in up-front money you're on the hook for at least a thousand a month in "condo fees." Renting is definitely the way to go in these 'hoods.

Not sure how the hounds are gonna take to that. They've never been successfully domesticated, so they could spend their first six months in Toronto culling the poodle population in that building. That might look a little ugly at first blush, but experience tells me these things blow over. Eventually.

You'd be surprised at how many poodle aficionados are secretly grateful that your back-woods hunting dog just killed their spoiled wretch of a city dog.

And for an extra $125 per month you've got underground parking!

I'm thinking once I sell the fleet of parts vehicles behind the barn I'll have a nice down payment on a sweet little Mercedes sedan.

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