Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump to bigly up nuclear weapons ante

Trump's pronouncement today that America needs to vastly expand her nuclear arsenal made for a lot of headlines. That makes for ominous headlines alright... let's just hope it's another case of Trump calling for something while doing the opposite.

What's not getting a lot of attention is that Obama has already greenlit the modernization and expansion of America's nuclear arsenal.

Let's just hope Donald doesn't forget who elected him and why. A big reason Trump is pres-elect is that the vast majority of Americans are beyond sick and tired of the serial wars that enrich the war-mongers but drain the national treasury and destroy America's standing in the community of nations.

In theory it's possible to pack your cabinet with billionaires and still govern in a way that improves the lot of the common folks. Those millions of common folks who voted "Trump" are watching. If Trump brings the billionaires to heel, introduces measures to tax their off-shored cash hordes, and does something, anything, to bring decent jobs back to America, those common folks will give him a pass.

If not, America is in deep shit.

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