Thursday, January 26, 2017

Canada's democracy hangs by a very slender and rapidly unravelling thread

Yup, read it in the Toronto Star, so it must be true. Check it out for yourself; Media cuts are a threat to democracy, new report warns.

That new report comes from the Public Policy Forum. Take a gander at their board of directors. That's a disinterested non-partisan crew for sure.

These are the guardians of our democracy. Verily, they are the guardians of our "free press," which is the very cornerstone of our democracy.

Ya right... In the first place, our press isn't even close to "free." I'm well over five bucks when I pick up my Saturday Globe from The Korean. I remember when it was fifty cents. The regular weekday edition was a quarter, delivered to my door.

Then there's the problem of what they actually print in their papers. I for one am tired of Trump trumping Canadian stories in the Canadian papers I buy.

All the time.

As in every day!

Enough already! No matter what you think of Trump, he won the election in that profoundly flawed "democracy" on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Leave it alone already! Give me some news about our Canadian democracy!

Oh, I guess we're back at square one.... our democracy is heading down the shitter unless Ottawa bucks up and forks over public money to rescue the US hedge funds who control SunPostMedia, the five millionaire families who own the Toronto Star, and the billionaire family that controls The Globe and Mail.


Get the fuck outta here!

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