Tuesday, January 3, 2017

MSM crybaby wants to credit Bush and Obama for Ford jobs in Michigan

Daniel Gross has a lament on view at Slate decrying the possibility that President-elect Trump might possibly have something to do with Ford Motor Company's decision to scrap their plan to "migrate" all small car production to Mexico.

According to Gross, this is the result of market forces that have been at work for many years. His so-called argument in support of this thesis makes no sense whatsoever. American companies have always moved production to low-labour-cost jurisdictions for one and only one reason; low labour costs! That's not rocket science, Mr. Gross!

And also, can Slate not afford to pay somebody to proof-read this stuff before it hits the web? I'm pretty sure even a blinkered self-censoring mainstream writer like Gross knows that it's not "...Ford... pushing production of the Chevy Cruze to Mexico..." That embarrassing!

But the major flaw in his thesis is this; the alleged market forces that have been at work for years would have been manifestly evident last September when Ford announced the move to Mexico.

If that's true, why did the management brain trust at Ford not notice until after Trump won the election?

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