Friday, January 27, 2017

Got lyrics, need beats

Hey, I was eyeballing that last post when it struck me that I could be on the road with a rap show with a little fine tuning. Check it out;

Geez... you gotta wonder why?

"Democracy" seems to mean "for sale to the highest bidder."

Only when this corrupt edifice known as "the exceptional nation" has had a complete renovation will it again have any purchase on the world's imagination.

OK, let's just skip over those first two lines for a moment. That third sentence has serious potential. Let's try to re-imagine it. We clearly have some rhymey shit going on with nation, renovation, and imagination...

 this exceptional nation

demands complete renovation

before it can grab

the world's imagination

That's not much, but it's a start. Maybe we can give it legs with a few "shun" rhymers:







destination... and so on.

Even the title has potential;

old boss Clinton in trouble

While initiation fees

at Mar-a-Lago double

new boss lives in a bubble

gonna leave us

buried in the rubble...

Oh ya!

I think we're going places here! My creative juices haven't run this hot since me and Junior set off on that Bible Belt Tour with our Gay Baptists on Heroin grunge band!

As you can see with your own ears, we just need some beats here.

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