Friday, October 13, 2017

The elephant absent from the room

Big news and big news headlines...


Go to any Canadian news platform right now and I assure you they are all in stitches about what it might or might not mean for our prosperity if NAFTA is renegotiated.


The "free trade" agreement that made it legit for the Detroit big boys to trade $30/hr jobs in Detroit and Windsor for $2/hr jobs in Mexico.

The brainiacs are still trying to figure out how that impacted us...

Go to Detroit and look around...

And it's not looking a hell of a lot better in Windsor these days, is it?

Even Jerry Dias has admitted that Trump makes a good point when he lambastes NAFTA.

There's 2500 Canadian auto workers on strike right now trying to keep GM from moving their $30/hr jobs to Mexico.

But all that our main street media can tell us is that Trudeau is desperate to save NAFTA.

They'll never tell us that Trump has a better read on NAFTA than does our own PM.

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