Thursday, March 1, 2018

Canadian Air Force looking for a few good men and women who aren't retarded

Here's a headline from the Miami Herald; She thought it was a bomb. Turns out the Canadian Air Force just needs more practice.

Well, I think they're erring on the side of kindness with that one.

Seems that some of Canada's finest dropped a boat through the roof of Luce Rameau's house. Yup, one moment it was attached to their helicopter, then it wasn't. That's what's known as an "oopsie" in military parlance.

Although the Canadian Forces dropped their physical standards a few years ago, there's no word on them having dropped their IQ standards. You have to read between the lines. The article points out that a CF recruit needs to be 17 years old and have a grade 10 education.

Hmm... I have it on good authority that a typical Canadian high school boasts any number of seventeen year olds who have made it to tenth grade with an IQ of well under 70.

Dropping IQs, dropping standards... why should dropping boats from helicopters over suburban Miami come as a surprise? There's actually a certain poetry at play here.

As for Luce, I bet she'll never skip her Bible study group again!

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