Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gun control and the limits of flash-mob activism

Have to say I'm somewhat mystified by the American public's resistance to even the most cursory limitations on their "right" to buy guns.

Personally, I'm glad it's not as easy to buy a gun here in Ontario as it is in the neighbouring states. I've got two ex-wives, both of them feisty Irish Catholics. If you've ever been married to an Irish Catholic you'll know "feisty" is code for "highly emotional with a hair-trigger temper." Yup, if I lived in Ohio instead of Ontario I'd more than likely not have survived those divorces.

So at some level it was good to see Apathy Nation rise up and march for something, anything, yesterday, and the fact that they were marching for gun control, well, I guess that's something too.

They can't march for single-payer health care.

They're oblivious to the fact that their country is routinely killing kids just like them in at least half a dozen Muslim countries, and in numbers completely unfathomable in the American context.  No marches to protest US foreign policy.

They're ignorant of the fact that the oligarchs who run their country, including the one who funded yesterday's shindig, have foreclosed any prospect for a decent life for most of their generation.

But they're suddenly woke to the NRA's plot to kill America's children.

Circumstances around the school shooting that ostensibly triggered this outburst of activism would suggest that access to guns is only one facet of the issue. Yet no one is protesting big pharma's pushing of SSRI drugs, which almost all mass shooters seem to have been on.

No one is protesting the lack of a mental heath care infrastructure that could and should have flagged the shooter years ago.

No one is demanding resignations at the FBI, who obviously dropped the ball after receiving numerous reports warning about the extreme threat that the shooter posed.

But by golly, they're pumped to take down the NRA.

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