Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Middle East problem-solving 101

What with the Trumpian relocation of the US embassy and all the hoo-ha about those brave IDF snipers gunning down unarmed Palestinians, I figure its time to root around in the archives and find us a winning plan.

We got it!

  Ya, it's been three years since the think tank here at Falling Downs came up with this insight, but one thing all great plans have in common is they stand up to the test of time.

Annexing Libya makes even more sense for Egypt today than when we originally released that policy paper. Nevermind Egypt; it makes even more sense to the rest of the world!

Think about it.

Those 2.5 million Gazans get a place to call home.

Another four million West Bankers will surely follow in short order!

Voila, the Holy Land will be totally vacated by the miscreants, and will be totally a blank slate for the Chosen People!

Isn't that what all this Middle East conflict is about? Clearing out the unchosen and moving in the Chosen?

Of course it is...

By God, I think we got us a home run here...

Just send the Nobel Peace Prize to Think Tank @ Falling Downs, c/o General Delivery, Kemble Post Office, N0H 1S0.

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