Sunday, May 6, 2018

Where two or three are gathered in Bakunin's name, there shalt be a police informant in their midst

Show me a gaggle of Black Bloc activists, and I'll show you some undercover cops.

That's gotta be a pretty good gig for an up-and-coming young police officer, wouldn't you think? Infiltrating one of these so-called radical groups? You know the ones; the folks who like to ride the coattails of a demo organized by someone else, and then make headlines by breaking a few plate-glass windows.

Ya, that'll bring down capitalism!

Or not... but in the mainwhile, our erstwhile undercover cops get to whoop it up with a few youthful idealists while pulling down a not-too-shabby six number paycheque, and maybe even getting lucky with some of the radical ladies.

Good work if you can get it...

Mind you, the union glaziers who'll be replacing those plate glass windows just saw their all-in pay packet bumped up to $48.84/hr last week.

That's not too shabby either!

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