Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Canada on high alert as Russia about to attack

What else can it mean when you read a headline like this?

Writer Scott Gilmore tells it like the opinion-makers at the Washington Post and the NYT want you to believe it is. All those "Putin hacked the US election" fables can be passed along as proven facts by the likes of Gilmore. Western democracies and their "rules-based international system" tremble before Putin's machinations. Putin is utterly desperate. The Ukrainian army has fought the Russians to a draw in eastern Ukraine. That's why, humbled by the Ukrainian military, Putin has turned to cyber war instead.

Gilmore isn't the only writer hyperventilating over Putin's perfidy in Canadian media this week. Check out this hysterical rant by Terry Glavin at Postmedia. Yup, Putin done tried to smear Canadian FM Chrystia Freeland by claiming her Grampa was a Nazi collaborator!

Oddly enough, that's a fact neither writer attempts to deny.

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