Sunday, March 26, 2017

Where to get a Montreal smoked meat sandwich just like they make in Toronto when you're out in the sticks

At Pat and Kevin's deli-pub in Goderich, that's where.

Made a day out of taking Bubbs and the Farm Manager down to Goderich to see a play. The theatre thing runs real deep on the Jewish side of the family.

We get to Goderich in good time, and the gals are a little peckish, so we park the car and duck into this little joint called Pat and Kevin's.

We were in a bit of a rush and the gals let the staff know it. Our food arrived pronto. My Octoberfest sausage on a bun was edible but forgettable.

But the gals got Montreal smoked meat on rye... and I got the left-overs!

Simply amazing!

There ensued an animated debate on where amongst the pantheon of great Toronto delis we would locate the Pat and Kevin Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

Dudes! You're right up there with the Centre Street Deli and Kaplansky's!

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