Sunday, March 19, 2017

Resist Google, Resist Facebook, turn off your screen and go talk to your kids...

It's not every day I get to agree with something I find on the op-ed pages of the NYT, but Ross Douthat pretty much nailed it with this effort.

I especially like his comments on cellphones and laptops in classrooms. Why are there computers in primary schools? Shouldn't those kids be learning their colours and their alphabet and how to add and subtract? How do you need computers for that?

From what I've heard cellphones have completely taken over the highschools. How is it that teens today can't get through a school day without being able to exchange text messages with their mom?

And I can see why university lecturers are beyond fed up with talking to rooms of kids who are on their screens.

So why is there so little resistance to this tyranny of the screen?

Probably because this infrastructure of digital addiction has already ensnared so many of us.

Resistance is futile!

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