Saturday, March 25, 2017

Retard Nation: the manifold blessings of a shitty education system

The think tank here at Falling Downs is constantly amazed by the foolishness that passes for public debate among our cousins south of the 49th.

Take the current ruckus over Obamacare vs Trumpcare (sometimes labelled "Ryancare" in order to provide the POTUS with a measure of deniability). Trump is determined to rob tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance. I suppose if you consider monthly premiums in the thousands of dollars and deductibles in the tens of thousands as "health insurance," you'd be right.

But it's a bullshit debate. It's a debate that obscures the reality that health care and for-profit health insurance are at root fundamentally incompatible. Nobody has ever made a profit providing health insurance to sick people. For-profit health care is predicated on NOT providing health care to sick folks. It's a no-brainer.

How retarded would you have to be to think that Donny J was going to deny his billionaire buddies the opportunity to hold your health ransom to a for-profit health care infrastructure?

The rancour over Trump's "Muslim ban" is another head-scratcher. Reading the mainstream media, you get the impression that banning travellers from a handful of Muslim nations is a far more heinous crime against humanity than actually making war against Muslim nations. Bush and Obama managed to do the latter time and again with barely a murmur of protest. Trump wants to keep a few Muslims out of the country and an enraged citizenry takes to the streets in their tens of thousands. How is that possible?

You really have to root around on the fringes of the world-o-news to discover any hint of a causal relationship between the global refugee crisis and American foreign policy. That's simply not up for discussion in polite society. Refugees are flooding US allies in Western Europe and massing at America's borders to take advantage of the generous welfare provisions on offer in the Nations of Virtue. The fact that the US and the me-too NATO club has been bombing a good slice of the Muslim world to ratshit for at least two generations cannot possibly have anything to do with it.

And the latest round of Russophobia is quite remarkable too. Because some anonymous ciphers in America's legion of spook outfits have claimed that some inevitably secret evidence leads them to conclude that Putin was behind the DNC Wikileaks last year, it's fobbed off as fact by virtually the entire mainstream news edifice in the Western world. Nevermind that there is a rich vein of journalism, festooned with multiple Pulitzers, exposing the perpetual lying and conniving of those same spook outfits; this time they're telling the truth.

How retarded would you have to be to swallow that?

None of these controversies would be possible without a seriously dysfunctional education system. Speaking of which, how is it that the same folks aghast at Betsy Billions' ascent to Sec of Education were mostly hunky-dory with Arne Duncan? Look behind the faux outrage and you'll soon discover that on the important philosophical points, the Duncan - DeVos evolution provides virtually seamless continuity.

Then there's the abysmal record of America's previous Groper-in-chief before the current one. One of Bill Clinton's most lucrative post-POTUS gigs was his multi-million contract with diploma mill extraordinaire Laureate International Universities. That's the for-profit outfit that sucked millions of young Americans into debilitating student loan debt in return for worthless "education."

But it made Bill Clinton, a white-trash climber from Arkansas, many millions of dollars richer.

Americans aren't born stupid. It's the education system.

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