Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry goes motivatin' over that last hill

Sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing.

Another sure sign that we're all getting older.

Mr. Berry was about vintage Americana.

Vintage Americana was about racism and misogyny. Mr. Berry cut his teeth in an era when a black man was not permitted to use the front door in many of the establishments he performed in. That's because black men were commonly known as "niggers" at the time.

Chuck Berry was one of the seminal acts who helped bring that bullshit down.

As for the misogyny thing, I'd guess I'm not the first to notice that a frequent theme in Berry's songwriting was women who were trying desperately to avoid him.

Maybelline wasn't in that Cadillac for nothing.

The perv-cam episode at his restaurant didn't help.

But he rose above, much like a certain famous film director rose above those pesky child-molestation accusations.

Stardom is a good card to have in your deck.

RIP Chuck Berry.

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