Friday, April 7, 2017

59 Tomahawks prove Trump's a team player after all

There's a new tone all around the MSM today. Hey, maybe Donny J is not in Putin's pocket after all!? (although I did notice that a handful of your more implacable warmongers in the American political firmament are pouty that the Ruskies were afforded a heads-up re the 59 incoming - guess they'd rather skip the foreplay and go straight to nuclear Armageddon.)

All the important leaders in the Nations of Virtue were quick to offer Trump props on a job well done; Merkel, May, Hollande, Netanyahu.

Shares of Tomahawk manufacturer Raytheon got a Trump bump today, as investors bet that this opening volley of 59 portends great things for the future.

Saudi Arabia, the foremost ISIS/Daesh sponsor, thanked Trump, as did spokesmen for the terror outfits themselves.

Even Canada's lovable mop-topped hippy-dippy peace-loving PM Justin is all-in for America's unprovoked and completely illegal attack on yet another predominantly Muslim nation.

Amazing how such a diverse cast of characters can come together in praise of US aggression!

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