Friday, April 14, 2017

Justin's pot plan

Sure enough, Justin is gonna make sure his Bay Street buddies win big on legal pot.

But it looks like they're gonna leave a few crumbs on the table for us plebes.

With a bit of judicious pruning, that one metre tall pot plant can be two metres wide and give you at least a pound of bud.

Times four, that's still a viable cottage industry. At least so long as you don't get greedy...


  1. Cathal Kelly's "Folio" article in today's G&M is alone worth price of paper; go down to the Korean's and get it, if you haven't already.

  2. Got it. I actually skipped over it on my first pass through the paper... but thanks for bringing me back to it. Took a while fishing it out of the recycling but well worth it.

    By the way, The Korean was out of damned bag tags today, if such a travesty can be imagined... gonna have to tape a toonie to the garbage bag and hope for the best.