Monday, April 10, 2017

Where to buy cheap real estate in Canada

New Brunswick.

Well on the way to becoming Canada's poorest province.

Also home base for Canada's richest family. (Irving, regardless of what Forbes says.)


When I lived there twenty-five years ago the place was jumping.

Now it's just kinda twitching once in awhile.

But mark my words; it's coming back.

That's why you should buy now.

You can pick up a nice duplex in downtown Saint John for around a hundred thou. Pay cash, let the rental cover the expenses, and live free!

That place would be two million in Toronto. How badly do you need to live in Toronto?

And go a few miles out of town and you can get a decent shack with waterfront on the Saint John river for under a hundred. The Saint John is one of the great rivers of North America. Saint John riverfront can only go up in value.

Forget Vancouver.

Forget Toronto.

Take a look at New Brunswick.

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