Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pop culture's puppeteers step in cowpie

If you read this blog you've probably got at least a whiff of sympathy for the thesis that "popular culture" is a manufactured product designed to keep the ignorant masses ignorant while amusing them to death, so they stay out of the way while the masters of the universe in DC and London and Brussels get on with the serious business of ruling the planet.

It's all part of that toxic daisy chain of infotainment-advertising-political-theatre-celebrity-look-at-me-merry-go-round that keeps us so stupefied we don't even notice what's happening in the real world. By and large it's a successful strategy.

Look around you.

But every now and then the masters reveal what a lot of blinkered fucktards they really are. How else to explain the Jenner Pepsi Commercial?

Yes, just look at that happy multi-culti throng at the demo!

While you'll never be as cool as the beautiful people, at least you can have a Pepsi.

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