Thursday, April 27, 2017

Silver linings and the Ontario Basic Income

Been giving some thought to the recently rolled out pilot project for the Ontario Basic Income. There's a lot to be said for the concept, which essentially gives $17,000/year to EVERY Ontario resident age 18 or over, regardless of need, means, race, creed, etc.

All well and good. There is in fact a lot to be said for it, and one day soon I'll say it. But for now, consider this:

You're a parent who spawned a batch of millennials. Three or four or five maybe. Due to your inattention to the gathering storm of video addiction, you didn't notice WTF was going on till you woke up one day and realized that you had three or four or five twenty-something gamers living in your basement while you go to work every day.

They can't hold a job long enough to collect EI.

They don't qualify for welfare because they live under your roof.

They're a complete drag on your finances and your life...

Well, put your suicidal thoughts aside!

Those losers in your basement just became a profit centre!

Do the math.

If you've got one millennial living downstairs your up seventeen thou.

If you're a staunch Catholic or Muslim and have five or more of the useless shits living in your downstairs, you're up 85 big ones or more!

Thank you Kathleen!

Mind you, I guess there's always the chance they'll pool their resources and buy a condo or something...

At least they'll be out of your house.

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