Saturday, May 6, 2017

How not to get rich

Oh, let me tell you the ways...

Writing is a sure-fire way to stay poor.

That's why I was somewhat mystified by the last couple of paragraphs of Elizabeth Renzetti's love letter to Hillary in today's Globe. Hillary is obviously not a conniving greed-bag, because look, she'll be writing a book!

She will almost certainly be criticized as a cash-hungry monster by people who do not realize that writing books is precisely the wrong way to get rich (unless you're JK Rowling).


Here's a story from Forbes that claims the Clintons have made at least 23 millions for their previous books, and that includes the eight million advance Hillary got for her last memoir.

Eight million for a book might not be getting rich, but it's getting close. And however many millions she gets for her next book should put her into the rich zone for sure.

So I agree with Liz that writing a book is precisely the wrong way (among many) to get rich.

Unless you're Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Here's Matt Taibbi's take on Clinton; it differs significantly from Renzetti's sycophantic fawning:

    And if you haven't read it, get Taibbi's "Insane Clown President", a collection of perhaps the best insightful political campaign coverage since HS Thompon's 1972 "Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail". No, I am wrong; it is the BEST analysis, in real time, since HST. Period. And if you buy it and don't agree, I'll buy it and send postage and cover price as a refund. Guaranteed.
    Port Moody, BC