Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Top Canadian journalist predicts military coup in US

I see where Canadian journo Heather Mallick is counting on a military coup to ease her Trump burden.

It's really weighing her down, apparently.

Those Generals in the US forces will eventually tire of wondering how koo-koo Trump really is, and just take over America to save it from Trump, who has self esteem "as tiny as a lentil or a pill."

I don't know about that, Heather. Seems that one thing he has in spades is self-esteem.

I would agree that it is largely unwarranted self-esteem. Trump is another example of rich-kid syndrome, where certain rich kids assume they were born rich because they were extra special, and proceed accordingly. If they're lucky, they stay rich even after they've squandered most of the wealth they were born into. Read up on Conrad Black or Edgar Bronfman Jr. to get a sense of what I'm talking about, but the point is, these guys are not lacking in self-esteem.

You have to wonder about that part where Trump "began tossing state secrets to the Russians like candy at a parade." Come on Heather! Really? Are you being a professional journalist here or are you letting your prejudices get the better of you?

As for those Generals, I wouldn't count on them to ease your Trump burden, Heather.

After all, he's already given them a 10% hike on the most extravagantly bloated military budget in the history of history.

From the Generals' point of view, what's not to like?

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