Wednesday, May 10, 2017

News update from Falling Downs

Notice I called it a news update and not a "news flash?"

That's because there ain't much newsworthy here at the farm.

Gotta call my pal Kipling soon because we're running a little short on the weed 'o wisdom. If you found my last several posts particularly stupid, that's why.

Got the Mustang 50 on the battery charger overnight. She's been working A++ till I went to fire her up this morning.


Last time I ran her was when I gave Grant Mackenzie a ride back to his place to fetch his four-wheeler. Grant and his family had put a couple of kayaks and a canoe in the water up by the bikers' place upstream from us but across the road from them.

Grant and family came down the Indian Creek in fine style. The dogs heard them long before we did, as dogs will do. The young 'uns in their kayaks and then Ma and Pa and Lilly the family dog in the canoe. The entire Mackenzie family armada. What a sight!

So I gave Grant a lift in the 'stang, came home and parked her, and she's been deader than dead ever since.

Hoping that overnight battery charge makes a difference.

We hung up a bird feeder on the front porch over the winter. It was great fun when the wee birds were at it. If they shit, we didn't notice.

Then the bigger birds discovered it. Starlings. Woodpeckers. Blue Jays. These birds shit large. The wee birds are long gone but the front porch is plastered end to end with bird shit.

That's country life, I guess.

Left the garage door open the last time I put away the Ninja a couple weeks ago. Still don't have that helmet, but I've got birds nesting in the garage. Can't close the door now because the babies would die.

That's how the world unfolds at Falling Downs...

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