Wednesday, May 10, 2017

2016 - 2020; Twilight of the American Plutocracy

I was driving through town this afternoon when I saw a young lad, no more than seven or eight, heading home from school. He was making detours onto people's lawns to pick dandelions. Maybe as a gift for his Mom. Maybe just because.

Give him a couple of years and he'll be walking home from school with his eyeballs stuck to a screen, like all the big kids and the adults do these days. He'll never see another flower again.

The REALLY BIG NEWS in the news today is Trump's axing of FBI director Comey. Mostly that's big news among the Hillary oriented media who have been hyperventilating about supposed Russian interference in US democracy for the past six months.

They're uber-hyperventilating today, if such a thing can be imagined. After all, wasn't Comey investigating those shady links between Russia and team Trump? This is the proof! This is a cover-up!

This is bullshit. It's Trump getting rid of a mediocre guy at the top of the FBI while at the same time throwing a bone to his old pal Hillary. After all, until today Comey was one of the top suspects in throwing the election to Trump, according to Hillary and her acolytes in the media.

Speaking of elections, I see where South Korea just elected a new leader who, at least on the face of things, sees his first responsibility as serving the interests of the Korean people instead of the interests of Washington. That THAAD installation America just pushed into South Korea? The new guy quite properly sees it as a provocation not only of North Korea but of China as well.

To them it's a hostile American military installation protected by 50 million South Korean human shields.

We'll see how long this THAAD thing lasts... elections can be such a pain in the ass when you're trying to rule the world.

Which brings me to the next US presidential election coming up not nearly soon enough. In 2016 the two most popular candidates were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. In spite of their differences they had one thing in common; they both ran on a promise to dismantle the status quo, ie the rule of the plutocrats. This is what made them popular.

The fact that both men subsequently betrayed their core supporters is beyond obvious by now, and is not a point I need to expand on here. The more important point is that these disaffected, disillusioned, and largely disenfranchised voters are still there, and will be when the 2020 race gets serious.

They will remember who sold them out.

They'll be ripe for a third party candidate who campaigns on meaningful reform. Universal health care. A massive shrinkage of the military budget. Housing and education for the people. Getting big money donors out of politics. Ending the myriad tax dodges that allow billionaires to make politics their playpen. Bringing in a tax code that taxes the rich more than the middle...

It's a long list.

It has to be a third party. No movement that involves the Democratic Party has the cred to turn America around. No astro-turf fake-left outfit funded by Soros can be allowed to play a leadership role.

America is ripe for the return of democracy.

Unless everybody is so glued to their little screens they don't even notice their country is well on its way down the toilet.

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