Thursday, May 11, 2017

Macron will have his hands full, and his trousers too

Interesting story out of France today about workers taking over a car parts plant. That just doesn't happen here, does it?

Remember when the GM Diesel plant in London was shut down by Caterpillar and hundreds of $30 an hour jobs turned into $12 an hour jobs in one of America's "right to work for less" states? Remember what their union did for them?

Negotiated an improvement in the severance package, and that's about all.

Over in France there's still a working class who see themselves as working class and don't mind letting their bosses know it.

Here's a shout-out and a tip of the cap to the lads and lassies at the GM&S plant who are fighting to save their jobs, something we rarely get around to doing on this side of the Atlantic.

The class struggle is far from over, regardless of how we the workers have been dissed and dismissed by mainstream media here. There's still life in the working class in France.

They still know how to stand up for their rights in China.

Not that threatening to throw yourself from the factory roof is going to get you far here in North America. To the ground for sure, but that's about it.

So we'll see how the new bum-boy of the bosses, the new Prime Minister of France, tackles this little hiccup in Creuse.

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