Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Technology and Totalitarianism

I recall reading a quote by Albert Speer somewhere, perhaps in his prison memoirs, that if TV had been around in the Nazi era, Hitler's henchmen would be ruling the world today.

Hell, even without TV they came a little too close.

Wonder what Herr Speer would think of the technology loose on the planet today?

How is it possible that a tiny handful of tech companies, all of them tied in one way or another to America's "deep state," have a stranglehold on the world's internet traffic?

Not only does the Google-Facebook-Amazon-Microsoft-Apple combine control the world's internet traffic, but they are, to much popular acclaim, setting themselves up to be the arbiters of what is real and what is fake in the world of "news."

Ponder that for a moment or two.

Poor old Albert's probably getting a boner in his grave!

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