Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wheels of justice turn extra slow in Waco

What do these folks have in common? They're all collateral damage in the long-forgotten "Waco biker massacre"  of 2015.

 waco 24 mugshots

I must admit that I too forgot about the story. Then, while killing time indoors on account of the monsoon rains battering The Bruce today, I decided to check in with The Aging Rebel website.  That's run by a guy who's an advocate for bikers' rights, and he's been on top of this story from the get go.

So what's new in Waco?


The same clique of lying douchebags who were sandbagging the constitutional rights of the folks whose faces you see here are still hard at it two years later! Yes, the jiggery-pokery continues unabated. Why this story is so under the radar of big media is a bit of a mystery.

But maybe not. Don't forget these are all "bikers," and big media and their sources in law enforcement have been brainwashing the public for a quarter century that bikers=criminals.

The bikers will need some powerful allies if this case is ever going to get the attention of Wapo and the NYT.

I think I've got a plan...

Check out the dude in the bottom row, fifth from the left. Is there something about him that makes him not like the other ones? I dare say we could be looking at an African-American!

Let's get Black Lives Matter on the case! Waco would be on the front page of every major newspaper in the land in no time flat!

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