Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump's foreign policy; too much too fast

I'm not suggesting that Trump actually has a "foreign policy". It is well beyond obvious at this juncture that Trump has no policies whatsoever.

I'm pretty sure he just makes shit up on the fly.

But when you're the putative leader of the "free world," making shit up on the fly has consequences.

Getting a building permit for a new build in Manhattan is no doubt a tough gig. I respect Donny J for having the smarts to do that.

Policing the world is a challenge of an entirely different magnitude.

The "deep state" operators who determine America's future have never had a more pliable piece of putty in their hands than they have in Donny J today.

Not Nixon.

Not Carter.

Not Clinton or anyone with the surname "Bush."

So if our deep state operators find it expedient to nuke N. Korea, they've got the perfect patsy in the White House, don't they?

I hope I'm wrong.

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