Friday, June 30, 2017

Forget about those towelheads 'o terror; YOU MUST FEAR THE BIKERS!!!

Laura Stone has a front pager in my Globe today about retiring RCMP Commish Bob Paulson.

Paulson has been Canada's top cop for the past five years, heading up the 30,000 strong Mountie outfit.

After we're told that "organized crime" is a bigger threat to Canada than the various strands of Islamic militants, he gets around to naming names; "he said the national police force has noticed a resurgence in outlaw motorcycle gangs , such as the Hells Angels, across Canada."

Really? Do you think that might be due to the fact that the only actual "Islamic terror attacks" in Canada have been carried out by a couple of Frenchie nutters? And that most of the anti-terror operations that the RCMP have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars on have been around whack jobs like the infamous "tards 'o terror," Nuttall and Korody?

It's not just the bikers we must fear... you know, those dastardly demon-seeds who are so secretive their clubhouses are on Google Street-View. Nope, it's our Italian neighbours too!

Oh, give it a rest, Bob!

You guys have been waving the bikers and the mafia at us forever to sow fear and raise your budgets! If the pols did the sensible thing and treated addiction as a health problem instead of a law enforcement problem, 99% of "organized crime" would be out of business overnight.

Other than that, Paulson seems to be a reasonable enough guy. He speaks against the militarization of police forces and for community policing, initiatives that the think tank here at Falling Downs has long been in favour of. Good on you, Mr. Paulson!

But I wouldn't be too hasty in writing off the towellers. Just in the past few days we've seen all manner of chest-thumping in our national media about how great one of our snipers was for setting a new world record for a long-distance kill. Of a Muslim, of course.

There's got to be a Muslim refugee somewhere who takes umbrage with all that gloating...

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