Thursday, July 12, 2018

All the news that fits

How about that Thai soccer team, eh!

Is that a feel good story or what? For almost three weeks there wasn't room for any other news aside from the World Cup and, of course, the latest analyses of Trump's Twitter feed.

When one story elbows so much else off the front page, I can't help but wonder what we're missing.

Has anything happened in Gaza these past three weeks? How many unarmed protesters were shot down while we followed, spellbound, the rescue of twelve juvenile soccer players and their coach?

Is Nantes still burning?

Anything new in Haiti? I've heard rumours that things have gone a little wonky since the puppet government tried to impose the latest round of IMF-dictated austerity on the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.

How are things proceeding with the US sponsored regime change operations in Nicaragua and Venezuela?

And what up with that Eritrea - Ethiopia rapprochement?

While I share the joy over that successful rescue operation in Thailand, I have to wonder what I've been missing.

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