Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pot-addled hillbilly thrilled to report Bentley sighting on the Bruce

I ran into a Bentley SUV in Wiarton today. Well, I didn't actually collide with it... God forbid! Their deductible is probably twice what my entire fleet is worth.

You didn't know Bentley makes a SUV? They sure do! I think it's called the Bentley Bendover, as in bend over while we bone you for three hundred grand.

It's a pretty enough machine though. All the utility of my aging Pontiac Torment without the stigma of low price. Who can walk away from that?

I used to think that a BMW SUV pretty much screamed "I'm a twat" louder than anything else on the road.

I was wrong.

The Bentley screams it way louder.

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