Friday, July 6, 2018

Trudeau to Trump; come and get some, you fat dotard!

Whenever Bad Vlad pulls off one of his shirtless publicity stunts we're treated to endless speculation about how he's projecting a macho image to strike fear into whatever little neighbouring country he's planning to annex next.

So what do you think Justin's trying to tell Donny J with this shirtless publicity stunt?

"Hey Trump, don't mess with us, we won't be pushed around, you fat dotard!..."

That's pretty much the tone of this story at Maclean's, a magazine so patriotic they use a maple leaf for an apostrophe. Yup, Canadians are "embracing a volatile anti-Trump movement" in droves!

'Cause if Trump's gonna keep trash-talking us, we're gonna... we're gonna... we're gonna do what, exactly?

Not take our kids to Disney World?

Boycott American NHL teams?

Stop sending their refineries our Alberta bitumen?

Better wake up, Mr. Trump, we're not kidding around!

By the way, Justin's daily jogs must cost Canadian taxpayers a fortune. I counted half a dozen black SUVs in the security detail following him. Add in the salaries of all the people in them, plus the cost of the helicopter no doubt shadowing this little parade, and we're talking some mighty expensive exercise here!

Now if this jog was just about exercise, I figure Justin could throw on a shirt and some dark glasses and he'd could jog all day long with no security whatsoever and no one would be the wiser.

Alas, what would be the point of that?

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