Sunday, December 30, 2012


666 million dollars that is.

That's the number the original story at Bloomberg News gave when they first reported the buyout of Duff and Phelps.

I notice that they have since amended that to $665.5 million. Maybe some mid-level editor glanced at the headline and said WTF! We're gonna have the NWO crowd crawling all over us!

No matter. Rounded that still ends up as 666.

And you're not going to escape the New World Order types anyway. Look who's buying Duff and Phelps.

A consortium.

A consortium led by Carlyle Group!

And if that's not enough, the consortium includes the Edmond de Rothschild Group!

Carlyle. Rothschild. 666 million. I couldn't make this stuff up!

I'm heading out back to check on the crop circles...

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