Friday, December 28, 2012

US doubles down on global cop gig

According to this story, not just global cop but global judge and jury too.

So these three dudes were arrested in Djibouti and suspected of wanting to support al Shabaab fighters in Somalia.

On the face of it one might detect in this narrative some concerns for Djibouti or Somalia. Possibly even Sweden or Britain.

So why are they now in a New York jail?

It costs a lot of money to bring folks over from Djibouti and keep them in New York jails.

It will cost even more to put them on trial. This case will run into the millions of dollars in no time.

If the concern is that these three individuals have al Qaeda sympathies and might at some point in the future pose a risk to American interests, then why are US law enforcement officials not busy in Turkey vetting the thousands of fighters with al Qaeda sympathies who have been crossing into Syria?

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