Thursday, October 13, 2016

The guidance counsellor should be wearing this one

So I see where one Crenshanda Williams has found her fifteen minutes. And probably not in the way she'd hoped for.

No, instead, she will always be seen as a heartless shrew... I mean, who hangs up on a 911 call?

Especially when they've got a job as a 911 operator.

But I for one believe the rush to judgement we see in the media is more than a little unfair to Crenshanda.

I'm willing to bet that when she embarked on her career as a helper of desperate persons, she was probably one of those do-gooders who are so full of the milk of human kindness there's puddles on their cubicle floor.

Then the reality of the job takes over. Every other call is a butt-dial. After that, every other call is somebody who locked themselves out of their apartment or locked their keys in the car.

If you're not really really committed, you could get jaded pretty quick. I really sympathise with Crenshanda, because I think I'd get jaded too.

I mean, just a week ago, we had a story in the news where a local teen called 911 because her parents made her go on holiday with them... what do you say to that caller?

Let me see if I got this right. You called 911 because your parents took you to Auntie Evelyn's cottage for a week?



Hey kid, get the fuck outta here!


Ya, I can see where it might happen.

But isn't that where the high school guidance counsellor should be held accountable?  Did they not have a responsibility to know Crenshanda well enough to offer her meaningful career advice?

Apparently not.

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