Monday, October 17, 2016

Why America's "Deep State" cannot allow a Trump win

It's all about Putin.

Trump is on the record more than once claiming he wants to "get along" with the evil dictator.

Consider the ramifications.

If America were to get along with Putin, that would put paid to the Russia-USA rivalry.

Good-bye Carlyle Group shareholder value, and many others as well.

What's going to happen to the fabulous Lockheed-Martin F-35 boondoggle when people realize it's a boondoggle?

If America didn't have to spend trillions on imaginary military solutions to imaginary problems, America might be able to afford health care and housing for her veterans.

Any candidate who calls out this great boondoggle will of course be roundly vilified by the establishment that stands to lose everything if the American people sniff out this scam that's been funded by their tax dollars since forever.

That's why Trump can't be allowed to win in November.

And if he does, he'll meet an unfortunate plane crash or a random shooter before January.

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