Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dateline Canada: Is Trudeaumania on the wane?

Justin has had a year now to do something.

I mean do something other than swanning about on the world stage sniffing out photo-ops.

Electoral reform? Not so fast... we need to study it a little more...

Legalizing marijuana? Hey, we need more time to study that too...

Oh bullshit!

Lot's of countries have done it, plenty of US states too. It can't be rocket science. My hunch is they'll keep studying it till they're satisfied that their friends on Bay Street are going to be the big winners. Ya, it'll happen eventually, but welcome to corporate cannabis.

Big bud.

But there are signs that Justin's bottomless well of charisma isn't charming the rubes the way it used to. Check out this story at CBC about Justin's reception at the Young Workers Summit on the weekend.

Shouting and jeering?... forsooth!

Good on those millennials for asking real questions and demanding real answers instead of settling for a selfie with the golden boy.

The think tank here at Falling Downs figures we're seeing the emergence in Canada of the wave of disenchantment that has been sweeping the Western world, a disenchantment driven by working people who have had enough of the bullshit of their ruling elites.

It's another manifestation of the same rejection of business-as-usual that shocked the GOP aristocracy when an interloper pulled the Republican nomination out from under the stable of elite insiders who absolutely knew it belonged to one of them.

The same disgust with the establishment that, had it not been for a primary campaign utterly rigged by the Clinton machine, would have made Bernie Sanders the Democratic Party candidate.

People are choosing to say no to the status quo.


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