Sunday, October 16, 2016

Who can possibly be surprised at the collapse of Obamacare?

It looks like the private insurers are abandoning Obamacare in droves.

And no wonder. Being forced to provide health insurance to sick people would be the kiss of death for any private for-profit health care outfit.

For-profit health care only makes a profit by NOT providing health care to sick people. How hard is that to understand?

Too hard for much of America, by the looks of things.

Trump tried hard to slime Canada's single payer system by pointing out that many Canadians choose to spend their own money to travel to the US for timely health care.

He has a point. My own dear mother was one of those Canadians who opted to cross the border to get timely health care rather than wait for her spot in the line-up in the Canadian one.

That's a problem Canada needs to solve.

But I recall my dear daddy explaining to some of our New Jersey relations that nobody in Canada ever went bankrupt because they couldn't afford their health care.

He had a point too.

Canada's single payer system has issues. Issues that can be remedied with more astute management.

The for-profit American system of health care is irredeemably fucked.

Why should corporate interests be enriched by denying sick folks the health care they need?

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