Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pot-addled hillbilly screwed now that baseball season is over

Well, I guess it's not over if you're an Indians fan.

Speaking of which, did you hear about the Canadian do-gooders who went to court to prevent MLB using the term "Indians" and the Chief Wahoo logo?

They lost. Cleveland's MLB team are still the Indians, and their mascot is still that fake Indian chief.

I was surprised at the loss. MLB must have sent some pretty high-powered pinch-hitting lawyers up here to make that happen.

I get the point of the do-gooders; that buck-toothed Indian chief is derogatory in every way.

Here's my problem.

Native Canadians have had the dirty end of the stick for about 400 years.

When the do-gooders score a symbolic victory like getting the Cleveland Indians to change their name or drop their mascot, a lot of well-meaning people figure, hey, the work is done!

These symbolic victories take the pressure off governments to do anything meaningful.

So the Cleveland MLB team changes their name, they get a new mascot, and everything is happy happy except that the vast majority of North American native people still live in sub-standard housing, still have sub-standard health care and education, and still have incarceration rates and suicide rates that should make every social justice warrior blush.

But nobody sees that shit anymore because, hey looky here!... what a great symbolic victory we just won over Chief Wahoo and the dominant white racist culture.


Anyway, for a Toronto sports fan I guess we've got the Leafs to look forward to...

And those Blackhawks.

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