Monday, October 3, 2016

The white working class; America's new niggers

America's white working class, or what's left of it, are the new niggers in American society. Meaning you can shit on them, spit on them, hiss at them, and piss on them in this age of political correctitude with complete impunity.

Take a gander at this bit of slander from Kevin Williamson at National Review a few months ago.

Had Mr. Williamson posted similar slanders about black folks, BLM would have been holding a vigil in front of his house ever since.

But in the event, nothing much ever happened. The white working class are opioid-addled dumbfucks who deserve to die. Plus, they're selfish and lazy. So there you go... they've somehow slipped the leash of your regular Christian virtues and just went to complete shit.

So let's write 'em off and bury them... maybe we could open some camps for them... I mean they're mostly living in their cars anyway, what have they got to lose?

Almost fifty years ago a guy by the name of Pierre Vallieres was sitting in a jail cell in New York State, using his spare time to write a book that came out as White niggers of America.

He wrote from a Quebecois perspective, but also from a working class perspective.

Seems to me he was about fifty years ahead of his time.

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