Saturday, February 25, 2017

About that "growing tide" of Muslims walking to Canada to escape the clutches of the Trump Holocaust

There used to be a few dozen per year.

Now we're up to a few dozen per month.

Yes, that's a rising tide, but it's still measured in dozens, not thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Nevertheless, unpaid intern Justin Giovanetti at Canada's newspaper of record got acres of page room for a lengthy feature on the refugee crisis overwhelming Canada since the election of one Donald J. Trump.

When you read about these Trumpfugees you get the impression that they tend to be simple and uneducated people who are perhaps unduly influenced by the full-court anti-Trump press in mainstream US media.

I know for a fact that the Muslim refugees I helped sponsor into Canada twenty years ago, and who have subsequently moved on to successfully settle in Seattle, are not planning a run for the Canadian border. Perhaps they've been in America long enough to recognize media bullshit when they see it. The fact that they are well educated and highly intelligent people may have something to do with it too.

Giovanetti's story indirectly acknowledges the role that media bullshit has in the current "crisis." A few thousand words into his story he quotes a US border patrol guy; "we're getting destroyed by our media."

So is this rising tide of illegal immigrants into Canada the result of Trump?

Or is it the result of the hysterical anti-Trump fear-mongering that our big media have been indulging?

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